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Robot Lawn Mowers for your Garden

The best
Robot Lawn Mowers


STIHL iMOW RMI 632 P Robot Lawn Mower model 2021

With the STIHL iMOW RMI 632 P robotic mower, tedious gardening is a thing of the past! The fully automated lawn mower works independently according to a dynamic mowing schedule that you set for it. Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, the robotic lawnmower is protected from the elements and detects obstacles in its path. Allow yourself more time off and enjoy the smart life with the iMOW RMI 632 P!

£2,801.80£2,547.09VAT included.(You save £254.71)
-9 %

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Ambrogio L60 Elite

Ambrogio L60 Elite Lawn mower model 2021

If you are looking for a robotic lawnmower for smaller lawns up to 200 m², the Ambrogio L60 Elite robotic lawnmower is the perfect garden helper. Thanks to the integrated mulching mechanism, the L60 Elite not only mows your lawn, but also fertilises it at the same time. The cut grass is shredded and scattered on the lawn. Initial installation is not necessary to start up the Ambrogio L60 Elite.

£909.09£849.00VAT included.(You save £60.09)
-7 %


Functional Dolphin-
Robotic Pool Cleaners

Sold out

Dolphin E35

Dolphin E35 Robotic Pool Cleaner model 2021

The fully automatic Dolphin E35 pool robot cleans your pool, which is up to 12 metres in size and 5 metres deep, carefully and reliably. It weighs only 7.5 kg and is easy to operate. Treat yourself to the luxury of always having a hygienic pool in your own garden and look forward to your next swim! Buy the Dolphin E35 now in the Roboexpert online shop and benefit from great advantages!

£1,126.58£1,059.00VAT included.(You save £67.58)
-6 %

The roboexpert online shop for household and garden robots – robot lawn mowers, robotic pool cleanears, robot vacuums and much more from your specialised dealer

Welcome to roboexpert – your online specialised dealer for household and garden robots! In our online shop you can get the latest robotic devices for household and garden. What distinguishes us are our low price offers, our service and the certainty that you only buy devices from prestigious brands that have proven themselves through their expertise over many years. In our online shop you will find robot lawn mowers from Husqvarna, GARDENA, STIHL, Ambrogio, Robomow, Bosch and other brand manufacturers. In addition, we offer robot vacuums with and without mopping function, robot window cleaners and robotic pool cleaners. We offer many attractive services for the robot lawn mowers that you can purchase from us. You can buy your robot lawn mower with an installation kit of your choice, warranty extension and theft protection for a better price in our bundles. Browse through our online shop now and find the right helper for your household and garden!

Domestic robots buy in roboexpert Online-Shop – Large selection at your specialist dealer

Buy domestic robots – in this day and age, leisure time is rare and is needed for many things. The work in house and garden costs, depending on the available space, quite a lot of time and is not really willing to be sacrificed. The solution is simply household robotic – if you buy a house robot, you no longer need to take care of certain work in the house and garden yourself. Ideally, you should choose a high-quality option from the many available household robots right from the start and then be able to sit back and relax for a long time afterwards. In our online shop you will find high-quality, intelligent and automatically working household robots.

If you want to buy household robots, you only need to select the range and then you can choose between the available options from the wide range. Do you want your new household robot to work completely automatically, be controlled via app or have other special functions? Whether you want to buy a robot vacuum, a robot lawn mower or a robotic pool cleaner, we offer you efficient options for all areas to ensure cleanliness. After all, nowadays it is simply no longer necessary to spend time constantly vacuuming, cleaning or mowing the lawn. Even being a pool boy is a thing of the past when you buy a robotic pool cleaner.

Buying household robots – gaining time for other things
Do you want to have time for other things in the future and worry less about the care or cleaning of house and garden? Then domestic robots make a lot of sense for you and can make some of the activities that would otherwise be part of a household easier or completely relieve you of them. You directly gain more leisure time and have the opportunity to devote yourself to the things you really enjoy. Household robots are characterized by the fact that they can work very independently after an initial setup. Basically, even beginners can use such a robot very well and do not have to read instructions for hours. This can be seen as an advantage in any case and certainly makes it easier for you to enter the world of household robotics.

If you buy an intelligent, high-quality household robot, you can save yourself a lot of work in the future. Even better is that many high-quality models are easily programmable and can therefore also work while you are away from home. Imagine that in the future, when you arrive home after a long working day, the ground is vacuumed clean or the lawn freshly mowed. You don’t need any staff or magic for this – the important thing is that you choose the right robot that can do exactly this job. In this way you not only gain time for other things, but also a good piece of quality of life.

Buy intelligent household robots – For mowing, vacuuming and for the pool
The best known variants of household robots are those for the lawn, for the pool and of course for vacuuming. So if you want to buy a domestic robot, you must also choose one of the options and then you can choose the one that suits you best. If you have a garden, there may also be a larger lawn or pool. After all, with the right size of property, this is no longer so unlikely. Larger lawns, in particular, require a lot of maintenance, need to be mowed regularly and are always welcome in gardens in England.

However, without sufficient care, they quickly look neglected – but many garden owners do not necessarily have the time to take care of the lawn in detail. This is exactly when a robot lawn mower can be used to help maintain the lawn properly. For the apartment or the house itself, robot vaccums are very popular and are used in more and more households. This is no wonder, as the floors in particular get dirty very quickly and often require daily vacuuming.

At least several times a week, the vacuum cleaner is probably brought out in most households and then helps to clean the floors again. This takes time and especially after work, the desire to do this job in the household is often not very great. However, a vacuum cleaner robot can suck up the dirt automatically and, if desired, ensure that the floors are clean and free of dirt and dust when you get home. It is therefore no wonder that suction robots can be found in more and more apartments and houses. So if you want to buy a home robot, all you have to do is choose an option that suits your needs in your home and garden.

Buy a home robot – Advantages for house and garden
A household robot offers numerous advantages for house and garden and, above all, takes a lot of the work out of your everyday life. The exact advantages depend on which robot you choose in the end and which model you have chosen. For example, when buying a vacuum cleaner you should consider whether you want a vacuum cleaner that only vacuums or one that can also mop the floor. The advantages of such robots are, for example, thorough and quiet cleaning and the option of being programmed for specific times. Corners and edges can be vacuumed by powerful models in the same way that cleaning under furniture is also possible in some cases.

In addition to the popular vacuum cleaner robots, robotic lawn mowers in particular are among the absolute classics. If you buy a mowing robot, you can in future do without the not always nice work of mowing your lawn. There are models for every lawn from different manufacturers, so you can choose your perfect robot. The mowing robots even ensure that the lawn is not only cut more evenly, but also grows healthier and receives nutrients that are not guaranteed with classic lawn mowing. Last but not least, you can also buy a pool robot if you have a pool or want to buy one.

These robots ensure a thorough cleaning of the pool, filter the water and thus prevent possible diseases caused by contaminated water. If you have a classic pool and no swimming pond, such a house robot makes a lot of sense and makes your time-consuming work easier. Because everyone who has his own pool knows that it is not easy to clean it. So you can buy a household robot that fits your needs exactly and can relieve you of a lot of work in everyday life.

Buy household robots – save time with efficient robots
If you toy with the idea of buying a household robot, you will gain time for other things in life afterwards. But there are other advantages of individual robots that should not be underestimated. For example, vacuum robots and mowers are equally suitable for allergy sufferers and can make their lives easier. This should not be underestimated either – allergy sufferers with an allergy to house dust suffer particularly badly after vacuuming with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Afterwards the fine particles of dust fly around in the air and can cause quite severe allergic reactions.

However, the efficient and intelligent vacuum cleaner robots manage to filter the air directly with the dust and therefore avoid the subsequent allergic reactions very successfully. Allergy sufferers with lawn problems also have fewer problems when working with a suction robot. These advantages should also be considered when purchasing and can be a reason, especially for allergy sufferers, to switch from traditional devices to modern solutions. However, these are by far not the only advantages that household robots bring to homes and gardens. Basically, the robots operate much more quietly than would be the case with manual devices. Both suction and mowing robots work more quietly than classic lawnmowers or vacuum cleaners. This means that the noise level is lower and you can also use the devices at otherwise unusual, if not undesirable, times. You no longer have to worry about pushing the vacuum cleaner or lawnmower yourself – a domestic robot can do all this on its own without any problems.

Also a pool robot only needs to be placed in the pool and switched on so that it can do all its work. This is possible at any time – due to the lower noise level you don’t have to fear that trouble with the neighbours is the result of the robots being switched on. Last but not least, all household robots manage to work very efficiently and accurately without any problems. Often these models work more precisely than humans could and the surfaces are cleaner or better maintained afterwards than if you do the work manually.

Discover the functions of domestic robots
The really good household robots are not just devices that do a job automatically. Rather, they can already be described as intelligent household helpers that can do more than you are used to from a device for house or garden. Instead, you will be surprised at the functions offered by the individual models. In the individual categories you will find mowing robots just like suction robots and pool robots of the different brands with their exact description. The functions are so well thought out and practical that you will be impressed by the intelligent robots for the household. Here you will also quickly see what is really possible in the future in terms of home and garden care.

Home Robots – Powerful models of well-known brands
In our online shop you will find powerful and durable models offered by various brands. If you want to buy a household robot, you should always take a closer look at the functions and special features of the individual brands first. Every manufacturer has its own special functions or features, which can make these household robots very interesting depending on the household or garden.

Partly it is a matter of a particularly slim, sleek appearance or also of a very long battery life. Many models from the field of household robotics have special functions that enable intelligent operation. These include possible control via the app, theft protection, programming or filtering of water and air. Therefore it is worthwhile to compare all models exactly with each other and thus discover the best option.

Buy household robots – What to look out for when buying
If you want to buy a household robot, then you should consider a few things so that you get a robot that fits exactly. First of all, it is important to consider the areas in which you could use a household robot particularly well. First of all, this is important so that you can choose a model that suits your needs. For all domestic robots, the area to be worked on and the possible special features are important for the selection. For example, it makes a big difference for a mowing robot whether 500 or 2,000 square metres of lawn are to be worked.

Therefore, when choosing your model, make sure that its performance is sufficient and that it is designed to meet your requirements. In addition, the desired functions as well as the budget are not uninteresting for the selection of the appropriate model. You are also free to choose between the various well-known, high-quality manufacturers of household robots which is not always easy to do. For example, Husqvarna and Robomow are just two of the many high-quality options available for mowing robots. You will find pool robots from Dolphin and Zodiac, both product lines offering strong performance.

You will also find a wide range of suction robots, particularly well-known brands such as LG, Evocacs and Eufy as well as Moneual and Neato. So you can see that there are a lot of interesting options if you want to buy a domestic robot. This way you can choose a model that can be used over and over again for a long period of time. After all, household robots are already a little more expensive than vacuum cleaners or classic, manually operated lawnmowers, for example. For this reason, the robots should be used over a long period of time, so that the purchase pays off accordingly. Are you unsure which robot might be the right one for you? Then let one of our competent employees advise you – in this way you will find a suitable household robot that will take a lot of work off your hands in the future and that will be used over a long period of time.