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Robot Mop

Robot Mop

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Robot mop buy in your Roboexpert online shop - More leisure time through the reliable household helpers

Buy Robot mop - with this high-quality helper, cleaning your household will be more fun again. Who does not know the problem? At any time of the year you carry dirt into your home, which also leaves visible traces on the floor. If you also have pets, such as dogs or cats, this is even more important. Because very quickly animal hair spreads in all rooms. The cleaning of a carpet is in most cases not a big problem. With a suction robot or vacuum cleaner this can usually be done easily and quickly. But what about cleaning hard floors of all kinds?

Can you get a special pleasure out of fiddling around with a broom or with a mop and water bucket? One thing is for sure, most people are tired of continuing to use this tedious cleaning method. On top of that, there is the time expenditure, which is at the expense of your own free time. However, the whole problem is soon over when you buy a wiping robot. Depending on the model, these intelligent helpers have different cleaning functions, either individually, for example just wiping dry, or in a combination such as dry and wet cleaning. In our online shop you will find a range of high-quality wiping robots from various manufacturers. If you want to buy a wiping robot, this depends on several factors. These include, among other things, the type of floor, the area of the room and the room conditions of your home. In addition, the individual needs and demands on a cleaning robot are fundamentally different. You will learn more about this in the next sections.


Buy robot mops and benefit from the advantages

A wiping robot is the ideal cleaning device to remove dust and dirt particles from your home in a comfortable way. It is particularly suitable for all washable floors and can therefore be used on tiles, laminate, parquet or artificial floors. So you can confidently do without a hand brush or mop and water bucket in the future. Simply leave this work to a wiping robot. All you have to do is switch it on and the robot will start all by itself. This gives you more free time for the good things in life. Just meet up with your friends for coffee. Maybe in your home. There you can proudly present your new household helper. Is it easy to work with a robot mop? There is a definite yes to this. These devices are very clever and can clean your own four walls independently and usually with a first-class result. In addition to this aspect, the low noise level of the wiping robot during operation is also convincing.

Buy robot mop and remove the dirt easily

Dirt or dust accumulates daily in every house or apartment. This is part of normal everyday life and nothing unusual. But especially on a floor the visual appearance suffers from it, especially with hard floors of all kinds, for example tiles, laminate or parquet. Here you have to resort to different cleaning agents to ensure a clean household again. Now you have a clear advantage if you buy a wiping robot. With the help of this household appliance you can quickly and thoroughly clean your floors. This means that the previous tedious work with hand brushes or mops, cleaning cloths and buckets is no longer necessary, which is not only an advantage for older and weaker people. Due to the low amount of work with a mopping robot you will have more time for other interesting things in the future. Maybe you feel the desire to read an exciting thriller or just relax. Do you have a pet, for example a dog or a cat.

Then you surely know from your own experience the problem with the animal hairs that accumulate on the floor over time. Here it is worthwhile to use a wiping robot, which is especially suitable for pets. With the brushes located on the device, the diligent household helper effortlessly removes this dirt. Even at any time of day or day. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Wiping robots are highly developed devices. Depending on the model, they have special equipment such as sensors. These are particularly useful if there is furniture or other objects in a room. These are immediately detected and avoided. The power supply of a wiping robot is provided by a rechargeable battery, which is charged manually or via an external charging station. Therefore, the use of these cleaning devices within a house or apartment is completely independent of the situation of the individual rooms.

How do robot mops work?

A mopping robot is the perfect little household helper to keep a floor clean and save you a lot of time and work. It is particularly suitable for the daily maintenance of hard floors of all kinds. It is quite normal for dirt or dust to accumulate on the floor in every household over time. If you have children or also pets, many know the same problem. Very quickly there will be traces of dirt, which, depending on the incidence of light, are perceived as annoying. Some people feel the urge to remove this problem as soon as possible.

But who likes to use the same conventional cleaning utensils all the time? Do you perhaps take great pleasure in ruining your hands or fingernails by struggling with a cleaning bucket and mop? In most cases you can answer these questions with a clear "no". Because this cleaning procedure is too time-consuming. However, it is still advisable to remove the existing dirt as quickly as possible. Otherwise, visible damage such as scratch marks on a tiled floor or wooden flooring such as laminate or parquet can occur very quickly. If you attach great importance to a well-kept household, then you should definitely buy a household robot. With a wiping robot you always have a diligent helper at your disposal, for whom cleaning floors seems to be a favourite activity. It is reliably on hand when you need to wipe. Here you can sit back and relax and maybe have a coffee in between.

In addition to the pure function as a wiping robot, you will also find other models in our online shop, which are characterised by special features. This consists at the same time of a combination of suction and wiping robot. This household appliance thus removes even stubborn residues of dirt and bacteria in a single cleaning process. This ensures even greater cleanliness, as the dirt is also collected in a dust container. To empty it, you can simply remove it from the top of the appliance. This reduces the dust formation by quite a bit. An important factor that is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers. Besides, you do not need two devices for the different tasks. This is definitely an interesting aspect if you want to buy a household robot.

The working method of a robot mop

A robot wiper is a hard-working helper, which is capable of damp, wet and dry wiping, depending on the model. These household appliances show their strengths particularly effectively on tiles, parquet or laminate floors. If you have previously cleaned your floors with discomfort using a broom or cleaning bucket and mop, a robot mop is a very convenient alternative. Here the device works completely independently without you having to monitor the cleaning process. This means that in future you will no longer have to laboriously remove dirt, dust or other refuse by hand. Thus you save a lot of time and a high labour-intensive expenditure. At the same time, cleaning with a wiping robot is an effective and simple working method. This is particularly advantageous for older or weaker people. Because finally the times are over where you have to laboriously remove the dirt by hand with wiping or sweeping.

Buy robot mop - Find the right model

Buy a mop robot for more cleanliness in your household. To find a suitable wiping robot, several factors must be taken into account. First and foremost is your personal financial situation. You must ask yourself what amount of money you have available to buy a robot and how much you are prepared to spend. In any case, this is a long-term financial investment that should be worthwhile in the long run. When buying a wiping robot, however, not only the price is decisive. It depends on the equipment and functions of the individual model. Do you prefer an intelligent robotic wiper with sophisticated built-in software, such as time and week programming or external control via app or remote control?

But maybe a simpler model is just the right choice for you. In our online shop you will find a selection of wiping robots with different technical equipment and characteristics. Among them are also models that not only wipe, but can also vacuum or sweep. Or is an all-rounder the better alternative for you? If you only prefer a robot sweeper, you must also consider whether you want to sweep both dry and wet. This also raises the question of which work it can do for you and which it cannot. Another important factor when buying a wiping robot is how well it is equipped with intelligent sensors. During the cleaning process, the robot detects obstacles such as furniture, for example, and changes its travel direction accordingly if necessary. In addition, special fall sensors can detect existing stair edges and the cleaning robot turns around as soon as it approaches them. Thanks to these sensors, a possible fall is prevented and the cleaning robot continues its work without any problems.

This saves unnecessary costs, whether it is a repair or even the purchase of a new household robot. All wiping robots are powered by battery motors. For this purpose the corresponding battery must first be charged before operation. In some models this is done manually or automatically by moving the robot into the charging station on its own. Here it is also important that the battery has sufficient power. This is the only way to guarantee a long operating time for the complete cleaning process.


Robot mop: For which rooms are they suitable?

First of all, a mopping robot is a small household helper that can keep the floor clean for you. This saves you a lot of time and work. However, it also depends on what kind of flooring is available in your home. Here you must also take a closer look at the individual technical equipment of wiping robots. Cheap models can usually only wipe dry. Or would you rather prefer a robot that can wipe wet and dry. In principle, the following principle applies: The more freely a wiping robot can move, the more thoroughly it can carry out its work. But this is usually not the case. Here you have to make certain compromises yourself. However, using the services of a wiping robot makes a lot of sense in any case. A very important factor, because it is essential to consider the type of floor covering in your home. For laminate flooring, tiles with joints that are as narrow as possible or sealed parquet, a wiping robot is the ideal cleaning device. Nevertheless, you should always find out before buying whether the floors are basically suitable for damp or wet cleaning and whether they can tolerate strong cleaning agents. This applies above all to natural stone tiles, such as marble and oiled or unsealed parquet.

Buy mop robots - What you should consider when buying

If you want to buy a robotic mop, there are always a number of things to consider, consider and weigh up. With expensive models, the technical equipment is usually extensive. These devices usually have a sophisticated and error-free navigation as well as various cleaning modes. With cheaper products, you must in any case make certain concessions. However, this can still fully satisfy your personal needs. Therefore, the purchase price is not always the only decisive factor. Another important factor when buying a robot mop is the type of floor covering in your home. Prefer a model that cleans only dry or wet and dry. The different models are suitable for almost all types of floors.

For tiles, stone floors, laminate or parquet, cleaning is no problem. But with very sensitive tiles such as marble or oiled or unsealed floors, you should generally refrain from using a wiping robot. This could cause scratches in the floor covering or, if water is used, the damage caused would be even greater. When you buy a wiping robot, the size of the individual living areas and the type of premises are also decisive. This is especially important if there is also a lot of furniture or other objects in a room or apartment. But once you have finally found your wiping robot that exactly meets your expectations, it will give you a lot of pleasure in the long run and be a loyal helper in cleaning the household.

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