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Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic Lawn Mower

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Buy robotic lawn mower and enjoy more freetime - Large selection of Roboexpert Online Shop

Buy robotic lawn mowers - a step that makes sense in many gardens, as lawn care is completely automatic and a lot of time will be saved. For many garden owners, having a beautiful lawn is an essential part of their garden and requires more care, especially in summer. A mowing robot is the modern, practical option and such a robot manages to maintain a well-tended lawn and does not always need to be supervised.

In our Roboexpert online shop you will find a variety of high-quality mowing robots from well-known manufacturers, which are not least characterized by practical functions and a very efficient mode of operation. If you want to buy a mowing robot, then you should choose a model that fits your lawn exactly and that also includes the functions as desired. With a comparison at the beginning, you can choose a model that fits your lawn and includes all the advantages of a lawnmower robot. 

Buy mowing robots - save time with efficient lawn care

Saving time is a very important argument when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of house and garden. This work is actually very time-consuming and it is not without its problems to do everything in addition to a job or the work in a family. Then it makes sense to rely either on help from personnel or simply on efficient, automatic solutions in the form of modern gardening tools. There is no question that a mowing robot is one of the modern, efficient solutions for the garden that can save a lot of time. After all, the mowing robot can work automatically, does not need anybody to push it like a classic lawn mower and is also more efficient than when a human is at work. This is due not least to the very sensitive sensors with which the current high-quality mowing robots are equipped. These ensure that obstacles are detected in the same way as already mown areas.

This is again very practical when it comes to efficient and even work. After all, the entire lawn should be cleanly mowed and trimmed at the end and it is not the plan that some areas continue to grow. Even at corners and in narrow passages, the robot mower can normally work where a lawn mower would otherwise not be able to work. In such cases, it would normally be necessary to use other equipment to trim the corners, edges and narrow passages. But if you buy a modern mowing robot, you can normally prevent exactly that. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the mowing robot can work with sensors or with a GPS system and thus recognize where the lawn still has to be mowed and where the lawn has already been mowed.

In many cases the robots also work according to the random principle, which means that no rigid tracks are driven through the lawn, which are generally very clearly visible. During the time you would otherwise mow your lawn, you can then pursue other things with the lawn robot that has been set up. Whether you just want to relax or do some business with friends or family, an automatic lawnmower offers many advantages, especially in terms of time. But these are not the only advantages that an automatic lawnmower can offer, as the lawn itself also benefits. A well-kept lawn without having to do anything yourself - this is exactly what was previously only possible with the help of a gardener. Now, however, modern lawn robots enable exactly that and are guaranteed to work very efficiently in the garden after successful installation.

Buy Intelligent Mowing Robots - Solutions for every lawn

Today, intelligent mowing robots are part of everyday life in many gardens - and rightly so, since they can take over a great deal of work precisely and quickly. The advantage of these devices is that they are already well advanced in development and there are appropriate solutions for every lawn. Small, medium and very large areas can be worked with the mowing robots at the appropriate model. In addition, the mowing robots of the current generation offer many advantages in terms of functions and are also easy to use for beginners. However, mowing robots cannot simply be switched on and then drive off - if you want to buy such a household robot, you should read the instructions for installation.

Boundary cables help the robots to correctly identify the areas to be mowed. You can lay the cables above or below ground - although if you lay them underground, specialist knowledge is important to ensure that this variant works properly. Once laid, you can actually set the mowing robot to work as you wish. The option of programming the exact times at which the robot is to carry out its work is very practical. Depending on the manufacturer and model, you can do the programming on the display or via an app. It is not necessary to be present at home while the robot does its work and mows the lawn as desired. This saves you a lot of time and you can have the lawn mowed easily and automatically - without having to sacrifice your own free time for it.

Purchase robotic lawn mower - The advantages for the garden

Not only the pure time saving speaks in principle for wanting to buy the household robots. Rather, lawn mowing robots can work independently and even manage to maintain the lawn better than a classic, hand-operated lawn mower. After some time of maintaining the lawn with a robotic lawn mower, you will enjoy a rich, green turf, less weeds and a more even lawn. This effect is related to the way a mowing robot works, which differs from a normal lawn mower in a few points. Firstly, the robot mows according to the mulching system and leaves the cut grass on the lawn in the form of a very fine lawn cut. This does not weigh down the lawn, but provides it with nutrients and moisture. The sun can then no longer burn the lawn so quickly, brown spots occur less frequently and the turf becomes fuller after some time and gets a more cultivated appearance.

Last but not least, this special, completely natural form of fertilization means that no special fertilizer is required, which is otherwise always used. It therefore clearly makes sense to only slightly and regularly trim the lawn with a mowing robot. At this point, the effect is better than weekly trimming with a lawn mower. Weeds can no longer grow because of the very regular cutting and therefore it is much less often necessary to reseed individual areas. This can also be seen as a great advantage - if you buy a robotic lawn mower, you will spend less time overall maintaining the lawn. This does not only apply to mowing the lawn alone.

Buy robotic lawn mowers - Safe and efficient lawn care

Safety is certainly also an important issue for a mowing robot, since after all there are sharp blades which could clearly lead to injuries. However, this is exactly the point that the manufacturers have also thought of, as some functions ensure that you can use such a mowing robot even in a household with small children or with curious pets. These include, above all, the function that makes the robot stop working immediately if it is lifted or overturned and the blades stop working. An alarm signal then also sounds and only if a valid code is entered, the device is unlocked again. This ensures greater safety in any case and there is no need to fear injuries to the hands or worse. This even makes it possible to let the mowing robot run without further control and there is no need to always be present on site when it is doing its work.

So if you want to buy a robotic lawn mower, you do not need to worry about safety. Some models are equipped with GPS sensors and therefore cannot be stolen, which is definitely an advantage. After all, it would then be possible to locate the mowing robot and unmask the theft. Loud alarm signals and locking the robot in such a way that only a PIN code can unlock it are also a helpful invention with the mowing robots. Finally, the good models are not quite cheap either, so it is helpful to protect them a little and make theft at least as difficult as possible.

Discover the functions of robotic lawn mowers

The respective functions included in the robots are particularly interesting when buying a mowing robot. These differ according to model and manufacturer, so that a closer look at the respective product description is always useful. Practical are functions such as an integrated weather detection or a rain sensor, through which the mowing robot itself can drive back to the garage. In this way, damage does not occur so quickly and you do not have to worry that something on the robot will break down due to the onset of rain because you are not on site. Very practical are also sensors that can prevent a collision with hedges, fences, flower beds or paths in the garden.

This ensures that your robot mower is not damaged and that the flowerbeds are not damaged by the robot either. This is definitely an advantage. Further functions would be GPS recognition, control via an app and the automatic start of the charging station when the battery is empty. All in all, mowing robots are designed to work as independently and automatically as possible, which really makes the job much easier. The low noise level compared to the classic lawn mower is also worth mentioning, as the noise level is much lower if you buy a robotic lawn mower and do not use the classic lawn mower anymore.


Mowing robots - Powerful models of well-known brands

In our online shop you will not only find options for every lawn, but you can also buy mowing robots from well-known manufacturers. It is not for nothing that manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Robomow, Gardena and Ambrogio are among the most powerful and internationally renowned brands in the field of household robots. These mowing robots are characterized by their sleek appearance as well as their efficient operation, ease of use and many functions that will take good care of your lawn and save you a lot of work yourself. Especially the Husqvarna and Robomow models are among the most intelligent, modern options that will save you a lot of work.

Buy robotic lawn mowers - What you should look out for when buying

In principle, there are solutions for every idea, for almost every lawn and definitely for every budget. No matter whether you have a lawn area of 200 or 2,000 square metres that needs to be mowed and maintained regularly: You will find suitable models in our online shop. The reason for this is that the individual manufacturers have developed mowing robots for gardens of different sizes, which therefore differ accordingly in their reach and in their engine. Basically, the mowing robots have to provide more power with increasing size of the lawn and therefore have a higher purchase price. However, to make sure that your new lawn robot is really suitable for the desired area, you should choose a model that is precisely tailored to the lawn. Otherwise, the range may not be long enough and the results of mowing the lawn may not be as convincing. When buying a mowing robot, you should therefore first check how large the area to be mowed is in square metres. The next step besides the pure area is also a possibly existing gradient, which has to be considered when buying. For all mowing robots you will find information about the area and gradient for which they are suitable.

However, if the slope in your garden is, for example, 20 percent and the robot is only designed for a slope of up to 10 percent, it will not suit your garden. In this case, there is a very high probability that the lawn robot will tip over on the slope, become blocked and have to be unlocked manually by you. You should therefore always pay attention to the size and slope of the lawn and choose a mowing robot that suits your garden. In addition, the functions are also very important, as they must be adapted to the respective requirements and ideas.

Are you still unsure or do you have questions regarding the selection, possibilities and setup of your new mowing robot? Feel free to contact us - our experienced staff will be happy to support and advise you!

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