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Robotic Lawn MowerAmbrogio Robotic Lawn Mower

Ambrogio Robotic Lawn Mower

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Buy Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers in the Roboexpert online shop - Enjoy more free time with the intelligent garden helpers

Buy Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers and get a well-kept lawn in a short time – is it that easily possible? Yes, it is, because the robots from Ambrogio are characterised by a very simple handling as well as by their completely automatic operation. They gain time for other things and no longer have to deal with mowing the lawn – an activity that is also quite time consuming. This is especially true for full days and for larger plots of land. An unkempt, not quite regularly cut robotic mower testifies to a lack of time for gardening.

In the Roboexpert online shop you will find different models of the Ambrogio robotic mower robots, so that you can find suitable options for every taste and especially for every lawn surface. If you want to buy an Ambrogio robot mower, you should carefully check the functions of each model so that you can find a robot that suits you. Especially the size of the lawn has a significant impact on which model is ideal for you in the end.

Buy Ambrogio mowing robots - More leisure time with the mowing robots

Mowing the lawn is an activity that takes up a lot of time, especially in larger gardens, and it is perhaps not quite as popular. Getting the lawn mower out yourself, taking the time to mow it and still keeping to the given times is then everything, but certainly not easy. Especially after long days at work or in the everyday life of a family, it can be difficult to mow the lawn regularly and to maintain it in such a way that it looks beautiful. On weekends or on sunny summer evenings, a well-tended lawn invites you to lie down on it or play with the children. Of course, a large garden is also very suitable for a garden party with friends, for a relaxed picnic or simply for a break with a little music or a good book.

But on dry, half bare or wildly growing lawns, all these things are only partly fun. That's why it is so important to find good and, above all, time-saving solutions for your own lawn, so that gardening work takes up less time in the future. When you buy an Ambrogio mowing robot, all you have to do is place it on the lawn, switch it on and you can sit back and relax. Just think about how much time you will save and how you can fill that time in the future during the warm season! If you are buying a domestic robot or a mowing robot, you can save more time for the things that are really important to you. The only thing that is then important is that you find the mowing robot that is exactly right and perfect for your needs. In this way, you will have a job in the household that you will no longer have to worry about in the future.

Buy Ambrogio robotic lawn mower - The best option for your garden

But the special thing about an Ambrogio mowing robot is not only the efficient operation and the well-kept result of the lawn. Rather, the mowing robots stand out from other manufacturers because no installation is required before mowing the lawn. There is no need to bother with boundary wire and you don't have to work through manuals for a long time to be able to implement the working method. Normally, the mowing robots need the boundary wire to identify where they should work and where they should not mow.

This involves also a one-time installation, which is nevertheless being avoided more often, because it could turn out to be a little more complex. With Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers you do not need to do this installation and can concentrate on other things, because you buy an Ambrogio robot mower, unpack it, set the mowing times briefly and then the robot can start mowing. This, together with the intelligent, automatic operation and the convincing result, makes it a very good option for a well-tended lawn.

Buy robotic mowers - The solution for the neatly groomed lawn

An Ambrogio robotic lawn mower is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized lawns – especially for beginners who are looking for an easy-to-use robot without numerous special functions. This is the very case with these robust, long-lasting models, which are simply placed on the lawn, switched on and then removed. You do not need any further knowledge, nor do you need to install, program or otherwise learn how to use it. In addition, the Ambrogio mower robots offer a very good ratio of price and performance and are suitable for lawns up to a size of 800 square meters, depending on the model. It is important that you check the product description for the respective model to see how large the maximum lawn area can be and what the battery life is. For a well-maintained lawn, you need either a regular lawnmower or a reliably working robotic lawn mower that detects the lawn areas to be mowed and shortens the grass accordingly in these places.

You can set the lawn mowing robot to mow regularly when you buy an Ambrogio robotic lawn mower and then let it work. The advantage is that the manufacturer's models work with the mulching system and the cut grass remains on it as a fine lawn cut on the surface. This way you get a very natural fertilizer and no longer need to worry about special fertilizers that are otherwise used for lawn care. The removal of weeds is also usually no longer necessary when using a mower robot, as the lawn is regularly cut. As a result, weeds can no longer grow particularly well and do not have to be removed in an expensive and extensive manner.

Buy Ambrogio robotic lawn mower - The functioning of the robotic lawn mowers

Normally, a robotic mower must first be installed with the help of boundary cables, but this is not required by the Ambrogio models. When you buy an Ambrogio robotic mower, it is simply placed on the lawn, program it and then it is able to start. The robot then moves across the lawn and uses the sharp blades to cut the lawn at the desired height, which was previously adjusted. The robot detects where it has already been mowing and where it needs to go ahead and cut again. As a result, it travels randomly and not in strictly set lanes over the lawn and thus leads to an even cut result. If the battery is almost empty after about two to 3.5 hours, the robot stops. A lock also activates when the robotic lawn mower is lifted or falls over - although the latter actually only happens in case a person or animal knock the robot over. The Ambrogio models are designed for slopes of up to 50 percent gradient, which is really quite a lot and should not be underestimated.
>br />The Ambrogio mowing robot navigates across the lawn completely independently and requires no further control. Fine sensors make it possible for the robot to recognize where the lawn is and where there is a flower bed, a path, a fence or perhaps a pond. This definitely helps to protect the robot from damage and to increase its lifespan - as well protecting different flowerbeds in the garden and fences. When the work is done, you can simply store your Ambrogio mowing robot and then set it up again. These are models that are particularly easy to use and deploy, but have less complex functions.

Special functions of the robtic lawn mower by Ambrogio

Particularly noteworthy is the very long battery life that some of Ambrogio's robotic mowers have. The robot can mow the lawn for up to 3.5 hours at a time and then simply stops. This clearly represents a small record, as normally the battery is used up a little faster by a robotic mower and normally cannot be used for more than three hours at a time. In addition, you do not need any special adapters or special sockets, as an Ambrogio robotic mower is charged normally via the socket. So if the battery is used up after the long runtime, you can simply collect your robotic robot and charge it via the normal socket. Of course, the other manufacturers offer the advantage of being connected to the charging station – this is not the case here, but you do not need a charging station and get the particularly long battery life.

There are always advantages and disadvantages in all functions, so you should be aware of this point when you buy an Ambrogio robotic robot. Also worth mentioning are the sensors of the Ambrogio models, which warn against gaps, holes in the lawn or the end of the lawn. With such a ZGS sensor, you do not have to fear that the robotic lawn mower will fall, drive into flower beds or become involved in a collision with the fence, even without the otherwise existing boundary cables. This is certainly an advantage, as you can rely on these sensors and don't have to worry about additional protection. Neither about protection of the mowing robot nor about protection of the beds or the fence. Thanks to its sensors, the robot also detects where the lawn has already been mowed and where it needs to be cut again. This means that you no longer need to worry and can enjoy the automatic work of the robot.

Buy Ambrogio robotic lawn mower - Quiet and safe gardening

The volume is a problem with many lawnmowers, as robotic lawn mowers are not known to be very quiet. There are even regulations regarding the times when the mowing robots may be used and when they cannot be used. The reason for this is to keep noise pollution to a minimum for local residents - something that is difficult to achieve with a petrol-powered, fairly noisy mowing robot. Even lawnmowers that do not have a petrol engine are not exactly known for their quiet operation.

A robotic lawn mower has the advantage that it works much more quietly than a normal lawnmower. With a noise level of around 65 decibels, you don't have to worry about complaints from your neighbours when you let your mowing robot work. It is also more pleasant for the residents of the house if the robot does not work quite so loudly and operates at a lower noise level.

Another important issue with a mowing robot is clearly safety. Sharp blades can otherwise quickly lead to injuries if appropriate safety measures are not taken. When the robot is lifted or turned over, it stops its work immediately and with it the sharp blades, so that you do not have to worry about injury, even with children and pets. Safety is thus guaranteed when mowing the lawn automatically and the aspect of sharp blades and possible injuries need not be considered in this point. In addition, the robot is also built very sturdily and safely so that it can be used reliably over a long period of time.

Purchase Ambrogio Mowing Robots - What you should look for when buying

In the first place, there are a few things to consider when buying an Ambrogio mowing robot, so that you will be satisfied with your choice in the end. First of all, you should consider how large the lawn to be mowed is. With a number in square meters, it will be easier for you to choose a suitable robot that is made for this exact size of lawn. The Ambrogio mowing robots in our online shop are available in different price categories and are especially suitable for small to medium-sized lawns. More precisely, the mowing robots are designed for areas of 200 to a maximum of 800 square meters.

It is important to pay attention to this maximum area, so that you do not buy a cheap mowing robot for a lawn area that is much too large for the respective robot and then overwhelms it in terms of performance. In addition, you should consider which functions are particularly important to you when it comes to buying a mowing robot. For example, the Ambrogio models offer a very long battery life, but do not drive the charging station on their own. In addition, a special feature of Ambrogio models is that you do not need boundary wires for installation, but can start working right away. The mowing robots do not work as quietly as the robots from other manufacturers, but they are designed for a long life and produce a very attractive result at a relatively low price.

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