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Robotic Lawn MowerRobomow Robotic Lawn Mower

Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower

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Robomow Robotic Lawn Mower buy in the Roboexpert online shop - More leisure time through the reliable robotic lawn mower

Buy Robomow robotic lawn mower, save time and let them mow the lawn easily and without any effort. This is actually possible with the purchase of a modern robotic lawn mower - even larger lawns and really wide plots can be mowed cleanly with the help of a mowing robot. This was otherwise only possible with a lot of time, a lawn tractor and perhaps the appropriate personnel. Robomow robotic lawn mowers are one of the most automatic, intelligent and efficient models that can take care of a lawn.

In the Roboexpert online shop, you will find a variety of models from the manufacturer Robomow, which are in different price categories. This way, you can buy a Robomow mowing robot that fits your needs perfectly and benefit in the long run from the purchase of a modern, high performance model. The manufacturer's mowing robots are designed to not only maintain and mow the lawn very well, but also to ensure users have as little work with this use as possible. You can program the robotic lawn mower to the desired times, control it easily and you don't need to be on site all the time. This makes Robomow models an interesting option for medium and large lawns that need to be automatically mowed and thoroughly maintained.

Buy Robomow robotic lawn mower - More time and a more beautiful lawn

A beautiful lawn is not least also a showpiece, invites you to relax and calms you down after a working day. However, the lawn has to look well-tended and should not simply grow out of control, as this quickly spoils the overall impression. It is important that the lawn is mowed regularly and especially in the summer months this work should not be omitted. With a lawn mower you can of course mow lawns well, but you have to push the machine, be present and depending on the lawn, it is not a time-saving solution.

But the time aspect is a big problem for many garden owners - especially if the lawn is a bit bigger. Small areas of 50 or 100 square meters can be mowed on the side. The situation is different with areas of 500, 1000 or 2000 square metres - although the lawn can of course be even larger. Because of the fully automatic operation, a Robomow Mowing Robot is the better option and gives you more time for other things. In the time that you would otherwise have spent mowing your lawn, you can relax in the garden, meet friends or do something with your family. There are no restrictions because you don't have to be on site to control the mowing robot. The only important thing is that you set up your new mowing robot correctly. Afterwards, you can sit back and relax, the robot does its job and ensures that your lawn is cleanly mowed and maintained.

Buy intelligent Robomow robotic lawn mowers - Discover the best option

Robomow is one of the leading brands in the field of mowing robots, known for powerful and durable models. In addition, you will not only find one model from the manufacturer, but you can choose between several intelligent models. So when you decide to buy a Robomow robot mower, it is important to compare the different models so that you can choose the right option for your garden. The biggest difference between Robomow robots is the reach, which is the maximum area of lawn that can be mowed by each robot.

After you buy Robomow robotic lawn mower, it is important to set it up properly before the robot mows your lawn for the first time. Without this setup using boundary wire, the robot will not know exactly which areas to mow and where not to mow. The boundary wire can be laid either underground or above ground, although the underground installation method requires more expertise and means that the wires are no longer visible when connected. If the cables are laid above the lawn, you will need less expertise, but the cables will be visible and may cause you to stumble. After this setup, the Robomow Mowing Robot can be adjusted and starts working.

Buy robotic lawn mower - Numerous advantages for your garden

Not only for personal time the robotic lawn mowers offer some important advantages, the lawn itself also benefits from the work of the robots. There are several steps involved in maintaining the lawn properly, and mowing the lawn with a lawnmower is not the only important thing. It is much more important to keep the lawn free of weeds, in some places the lawn has to be reseeded and fertilizing is also important. For a dense, rich lawn, a few steps are important that you should not underestimate.

However, if you buy Robomow robotic lawn mower, some of these steps will be unnecessary and you will have a full and beautiful lawn in even less time. The robot mowers do not suck up the cut grass, but leave it as a very fine lawn cut. This lawn cut acts as a kind of fertilizer, but it is a natural fertilizer and not a chemical fertilizer. This lawn cut provides the lawn with important nutrients, moisture and last but not least, it offers good protection against drying out by the sun. Thanks to the very regular, easy re-cutting of the lawn, you do not have to worry about getting brown spots in the lawn. Instead, the turf is thicker, the lawn looks more well-kept and is free of dry spots or weeds. In many cases, weeds also grow because the lawn is rarely mowed.

So, in the future, all you need to do is let your Robomow Mowing Robot run and you will be able to do without weed killing actions as well as the annual special fertilizer. In most lawns, there are also clearly visible lines that are created because the mowers travel across the lawn in the same paths. But now Robomow robotic lawn mowers are smart devices and will randomly move across your lawn. The robots know exactly where they have already mowed and where mowing is still required. The robots know exactly where they have already mowed and where they still need to mow. These features mean that you can soon look forward to a well-kept, attractive lawn - even on very large lawns that require a lot of maintenance.

Buy Robomow mowing robot - Ideal for medium to large lawns

The cheaper a mowing robot is to purchase, the smaller the areas that can be mowed with this model are as a rule. The Robomow robot mowers are designed for medium to large lawns. You will find suitable robots that can cleanly mow about 500 square meters of lawn. However, other models from the manufacturer can cut up to 2,000 square meters, so it is safe to say that the robots are suitable for large lawns. For such areas, a powerful motor is just as important as a powerful battery that does not run out after a few minutes.

The Robomow robotic lawn mowers have long-lasting batteries and start the charging station automatically as soon as the battery is empty. After charging at the base station, they are ready for use again - of course, you can program your high quality Robomow mowing robot to be on the road at exactly the times you want. Especially for larger lawns, the Robomow robotic mowers are a valuable aid when mowing and make sure that these areas are evenly mowed. After all, it takes a lot of time to maintain these areas, so a mowing robot can take a lot of the work off your hands.

The features of automatic mowing robots by Robomow

Regarding the features of Robomow models, it is not without reason that these robots are a little more expensive to purchase. When you buy a Robomow mowing robot, you get a smart, automatic model for medium to large gardens. The fine sensors detect exactly when to mow and when the lawn needs to be more or less cut due to weather conditions. In addition, the robots detect obstacles and do not simply drive into your flowerbeds, and fences, hedges, trees and many other obstacles are also detected and not approached. In addition, the robots are very easy to control, can be programmed and adjusted as desired via app or via the user\-friendly display.

Buy Robomow mowing robots from Roboexpert - Efficient and silent work

Volume is an issue in itself with many garden tools. Manual work is extremely strenuous, takes a long time and is simply not really practical. However, in many cases, the tools are very loud at work, which disturbs the neighbours as well as roommates in your own household. Even headphones for noise protection are urgently required for some work in the garden. Classic lawnmowers, for example, should not be used in the early morning, late at night or during work. They are also not allowed to be used on Sundays and public holidays, which means that lawn mowing is no longer a classic Sunday job.

Mowing robots offer a very good alternative, however, since they generally work much more quietly than a lawn mower. The noise level is less than 60 decibels, so that you can also use your mowing robot in the morning or evening. You are not restricted as much in terms of time as you would be with a normal lawn mower or other garden equipment. It is important to note, however, that some regions have different regulations regarding the exact volume and the respective times, so it is advisable to ask to avoid further trouble.

If you buy Robomow robotic lawn mower, you do not need to worry that it will work at a high volume - quite the opposite! The exact noise level in decibels can be found in the product description of each robot. Last but not least, the robotic lawn mower actually work very efficiently and so it is not necessary to manually trim the corners and edges of the lawn afterwards. This is usually the case when working with a lawn mower or a lawn tractor, as the corners cannot be mowed as well. However, Robomow\'s slimmer robots are still maneuverable in tighter corners of the garden and are so maneuverable that efficient and smooth operation is not a problem. You can therefore look forward to lower noise levels and a visually pleasing result, providing a uniformly mowed and healthy lawn.

Buy Robomow mowing robots - What to consider when buying

Some things you should consider when buying Robomow robot mower. Actually, these are points that you should not forget when buying a robotic lawn mower, so that you really get a suitable model for your lawn. Because there are so many differences between the different models and options for each lawn, it is worth taking a look at the details as well as the performance of the robot. First of all, you should check the exact size of your lawn in square meters. After all, when buying a mowing robot, it makes a big difference whether you want to mow a lawn of 500 or 2,000 square meters. This applies to the time, the battery and the requirements in terms of the robot\'s performance.

So when buying a mowing robot, pay attention to the size of your lawn and to buying a model that can handle it and is not too weak in terms of performance. The size and the possible gradient also determine the purchase price of a mowing robot. For a smaller lawn, you can purchase a cheaper Robomow robot that is optimal for that area, without sacrificing quality or features. However, if you have a large lawn, do not skimp on this and spend a little more to buy a suitable and strong enough model.

Important points to consider when purchasing a mowing robot are the desired functions and the control of the robot. After all, in the end the control system should fit you perfectly and you should be able to handle your new garden aid without any problems.

Do you have any questions or are you unsure which Robomow robot mower is ideal for your lawn? Please feel free to contact our staff, who will be able to help you choose the right Robomow robot for your lawn.

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