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Robotic Lawn MowerWolf Garten Robotic Lawn Mower

Wolf Garten Robotic Lawn Mower

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Wolf Garten Loopo Robotic Lawn Mowers buy from Roboexpert online shop - The powerful gardening tools create more leisure time for you

Tobuy a Wolf Garden Loopo robotic lawn mower means a lot of time saving by mowing the lawn efficiently. The manufacturer Wolf is a guarantee for high quality workmanship and modern technology, which together create perfect lawn robots. As soon as the cold season is over and spring begins, it is time to mow and maintain the lawn regularly. But especially the lawn work often proves to be extremely tiresome and time-consuming.

Buying the Wolf Garten Loopo makes lawn care fun again, because it takes over the work completely on its own, without any help. The Loopo mowing robot is perfect for every garden, whether large or small. This is ensured not least by the large selection of models included in the Loopo series. These small lawn robots are wonders, equipped with the latest technology and can therefore be perfectly adapted to the lawn. Not only is the lawn cut accurately, but the Wolf Garten Loopo gives it a completely new look that invites you to stay. After a long working day, the garden can now be enjoyed in its full bloom without the need for any lawn care.

Buy Wolf Garten Loopo - Save time with efficient robot mowers

The main advantage of the Wolf Garten Loopo over a classic lawnmower is without question its high efficiency and time saving. The individual models from the series not only work intuitively, but are also family-friendly. They convince with a low noise level, so that the mowing robot is not at all disturbing and can therefore easily do its work in the evening hours. It does not matter whether it is a lawn in the private garden or a parking area, because of the different models, the mowing robot Loopo from Wolf Garden, can be used flexibly.

The mowing system is extremely powerful and resilient, so that large lawns can be easily mastered. Thanks to the practical smart app, which can be installed free of charge on any smartphone, the mowing robot can be controlled remotely at any time. At the same time it is possible to start a remote diagnosis to check the current status and to see where the mowing robot is at the moment.

Buy Wolf Garden Loopo robotic lawn mowers and enjoy a well-kept lawn

Who wants to buy a Wolf Garten Loopo Mowing Robot has the possibility to distinguish between different models. The Loopo S series includes the S150, S300 and S500 mowing robots, which are mainly designed for small lawns, i.e. up to a maximum of 1,000 square metres. In all these models, the mowing deck is suspended in a floating manner so that unevenness in the ground does not cause damage to the mowing robot. At the same time, it is ensured that extremely precise mowing is possible. Another important aspect of the S series is the rear sliding surface. The glide surface allows the mowing robot to move over the lawn in an almost floating position, is extremely manoeuvrable and easily avoids obstacles.

The M-series of Loopo lawn robots are ideal for lawns up to 2,000 square metres in size. This includes the Loopo M1000, M1500 and M2000 models, which are designed to be manoeuvrable and manoeuvrable. With the help of the front wheel, the models can also be manoeuvred in particularly small areas without obstacles. A major advantage is the integrated rain sensor, which sends the Loopo M directly to the base station as soon as the rain starts. When the weather conditions have changed, the Loopo M returns to its starting position to finish the work it has started. The powerful motor in combination with the sturdy knives ensures a precise cut at all times, resulting in an even cutting pattern. This is supported by the unique edge mode, which allows mowing up to the outer wheelbase. The power wheels have excellent grip, so that even slopes or slippery ground do not become an obstacle.

Robotic lawn mowers and the advantages for the lawn

A mowing robot has many advantages over a conventional lawn mower. One particularly important aspect is without question the environmental impact. It neither emits pollutants nor consumes much electricity. You don't need oil or petrol, just a working power socket so that the battery is always fully charged. However, the electricity consumption is very low, so that it is hardly noticeable at the next electricity bill. In addition to the positive environmental aspect, mowing robots are characterized by enormous time savings in any case. The leisure aspect suddenly plays a superior role again, because the mowing robot carries out lawn care almost independently. Once programmed, the lawn mower works completely independently, so that leisure time is within reach again.

Anyone who wants to buy a Wolf Garten Loopo mowing robot can put their feet up again and watch the small lawnmower work in a relaxed manner. While a wired lawnmower or an electric mower is incredibly loud, the mowing robot works extremely quietly. Usually the volume is between 50 and 60 dB, so that lawn care can be carried out without any problems even at the weekend or in the evening hours. The neighbours are not disturbed and have no reason to get upset. Anyone who regularly mows lawns knows that mowing alone is not enough, because the lawn cut must also be taken into account.

As a rule, conventional lawn mowers have a catch basket that holds the lawn cuttings. This must be emptied regularly so that the mowing process can continue. This is not only an extremely tiresome task, but often also a heavy one, because the catch basket can be quite heavy with its contents. With the robotic mower, neither raking of the green waste nor emptying of the catch basket is necessary. The blades process the grass cuttings so finely that they can remain on the lawn afterwards. This gives the lawn a natural fertilisation and makes it grow particularly dense.

Wolf Garden Loopo Robotic Lawn Mower: The functioning of the lawn robots

Surely, buying a Wolf Garten Loopo mowing robot means investing a little more money at the beginning, but the time savings, environmental friendliness and independent lawn cutting show that the investment has been worthwhile. The mowing robot is not only a highlight for technology enthusiasts, also in terms of advantages it is absolutely not comparable with a conventional lawn mower. You can lean back comfortably in your garden chair, because the mowing robot takes over the mowing of the lawn for you without complaining or complaining. Thanks to the low noise level, mowing the lawn is extremely pleasant, because the mowing robot is hardly noticeable. This has the advantage that mowing can also be carried out at the weekend or in the evening without disturbing the neighbours or your own peace and quiet.

In direct comparison with a conventional lawnmower, this means that the volume is just between 50 and 60 dB, while the standard lawnmower has a value of 90 to 110 dB. Also very advantageous is the fact that it is no longer necessary to use a catcher basket or rake the lawn cuttings together. The blades process the lawn cuttings so finely that they can easily remain on the lawn to be useful as fertiliser. As a result, the lawn will grow much denser in the future and will resemble a soft green carpet on which it is pleasant to walk. The cutting pattern itself is precise and clean, because the blades cut the blades of grass and do not simply tear them off, as is often the case with conventional lawnmowers. Many models are additionally equipped with an edge mode, so that the grass can be mowed up to the outer wheelbase. The advantage of this is that it is also no longer necessary to rework the edge of the lawn.

Buy a robotic lawn mower and mow the lawn safely and easily

A robot mower works completely independently. After purchase, it is important to program it once to your own wishes, adjust it to the lawn and give the charging station a protected and easily accessible place. Afterwards the mowing robot takes over the work itself. As soon as the battery level is too low, the robot stops mowing, returns to its charging station, recharges completely and then continues the work it started. The wheels of the Wolf Garden Loopo have excellent traction and grip. They make it possible to master slopes and inclines without losing power. Even on slippery ground, the traction remains intact, so that the mowing process can be carried out without compromise.


Wolf Garden Loopo Functions of the powerful mowing robots

The Loopo robotic lawn mower from Wolf Garten is available in different versions, so that it can be perfectly adapted to the lawn. While the S-series is suitable for lawns up to 1,000 square metres, the M-series can also easily handle lawns up to 2,000 square metres. The mowing deck of the individual models is suspended in a floating manner so that unevenness does not affect the mowing robot. It compensates for every bump in the ground and skilfully bypasses all obstacles to mow the lawn evenly.

The handling of the Wolf Garten Loopo Robot is extremely simple and easy. Just one button is enough to operate the mowing robot with all its different facets. The control panel itself is clearly arranged, so that nothing stands in the way of a very easy operation. Compared to the S-series, the M-series also has a built-in rain sensor. As soon as the rain starts, the mowing robot returns to its base station. Here it remains until the weather has improved and it can continue its mowing process. Here too, the Wolf Garten Loopo from the M-series acts completely independently, so you can rely on it absolutely. While a conventional lawn mower has to work the lawn edges separately after cutting, this task is also performed by a robot lawn mower from the Loopo M series. It has a unique edge mode, so that a perfect cutting pattern is created right up to the edge. The lawn is cut up to the outer wheelbase to ensure that the lawn edges are not left behind.

Wolf Garden Loopo Mowing Robot - You should definitely consider this when buying

Buying a Wolf Garden Loopo means enjoying your leisure time more and doing less gardening work. Thanks to the different models, it can be used completely individually and can be used in both private and professional areas. While the S series is mainly used for lawns up to 1,000 square metres, the M series is mostly used for sizes up to 2,000 square metres. When purchasing the machine, it is important that it is purchased in a suitable manner to avoid any loss of performance. Another important aspect is without question the rain sensor.

If you want your Wolf Garten Loopo to react independently to weather conditions, a rain sensor is certainly an advantage. As soon as it starts to rain, the mowing robot returns to its base station on its own to recharge itself and wait for the rain to pass. As soon as the weather conditions have changed again, it returns to its original task. The base station should be positioned in such a way that it is not exposed to all weather conditions without protection. Often a small garage for the base station can be very helpful, as it not only provides space for the station, but also usually the necessary power supply to power the base station. Not only the power output of the Wolf Garten Loopo is different, but also the cutting height and the cutting width. The larger the lawn area, the wider the cutting width should be to ensure effective mowing. With a smaller lawn, a cutting width of 18 centimetres is sufficient to quickly mow the lawn. The cutting height can usually be individually adjusted and continuously regulated.

In this way, the lawn height can be perfectly adapted to the conditions and your own ideas. Just like the cutting width, the running time and the loading time certainly play a decisive role when buying a Wolf Garten Loopo Robot. In principle, the mowing robot works completely independently and autonomously, but the mowing of the lawn should nevertheless be completed within a manageable period of time. Basically, the running time, the loading time and the cutting width are directly related, because if the three components are perfectly matched to the lawn size, the work is completed in a short time. The Loopo mowing robots from the M series also have an attractive detail that is missing in the S series models. Here you will find a convenient LED display, which allows you to make the settings simply and easily. Once programmed, the small and compact lawnmower works reliably. You no longer need to worry about cutting the lawn, because it is shredded so finely that it remains on the lawn as a practical fertiliser.

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