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Mowing robot – 5 years warranty

5 years warranty

For us roboexpert, service is our top priority. In addition to a selected range of products that offers you only the best and most powerful robots for home use, we would also like to make you, our customer, happy when it comes to service. Especially when it comes to quality and durability of the products we offer.
As we test and check every product extensively before we include it in our range, we guarantee high performance and functional quality. In case of a device fault, you can rely on our 5-year guarantee.

The roboexpert’s warranty

As a specialist dealer for household robots, your trust and the quality of the products we offer is particularly important to us. With our 5-year warranty we offer you an additional service that will not let you and your new household helper down.
Of course, you as a customer you should be informed when the warranty applies and which services you can expect in the event of a warranty claim.
By purchasing the extended warranty, the (standard) two or one-year manufacturer’s warranty for mowing robots in Germany is extended to five years for private use or to three years for commercial use.

A warranty case applies, when:

  • Construction, breakage, casting, material and manufacturing defects occur.
  • Centrifugal force results in a bursting.
  • Implosions or other effects are caused by negative pressure.
  • Measuring, control or safety devices fail.
  • Damage is caused by lack of water in the steam boiler or apparatus.
  • Excess pressure causes damage (except for explosion).
  • Electrical energy resulting from earth leakage, short circuit, excessive increase in current, flashover, formation of electric arcs, insulation faults, overvoltages, etc. cause damage to the equipment.
  • Operating mistakes are also covered under the extended warranty if they affect the functions of the device and are not in the violation of the operating instructions. In such cases, an excess of ₤75.00 including VAT will be charged.

A warranty case does not apply, when:

  • Wear and tear and damage to wearing parts occurs.
  • The unit shows signs of damage, but this does not affect any technical use (scratches, scrapes, etc.)
  • Damage is caused by improper operation of the unit or damage and destruction occur due to deliberate or grossly negligent acts or omissions on the part of the purchaser or another user.
  • Damage or destruction occurs as a result of improper installation, improper repairs/tampering, improper, improper or unusual use or cleaning of the device that does not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications, or due to operating errors.
  • In case of problems or defects of the battery.

You can count on this in case of a warranty claim:

If a repair is technically and objectively possible, it is not uneconomical and the cost of the repair does not exceed the current value of the device, the repair will be carried out professionally. The costs for this will then be compensated within the scope of the warranty. If a repair is technically or objectively not possible or proves to be uneconomical, you will receive a replacement unit of the same type and quality up to the current market value. In this case the damaged or destroyed device must be returned to us and thus becomes our property. The current market value of a device purchased from us amounts to a total of 80% after the third year after conclusion of the purchase contract. In the fourth year 70% and in the fifth year 60% of the purchase price according to the invoice.

Warranty terms & conditions

Any claims based on this agreement can only be made by the warranty holder if it can be proven that service was made by a specialist technician authorised by the manufacturer once a year during the warranty period.

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