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Husqvarna Automower 310 (Model 2021)


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Husqvarna Automower 310 (Model 2021)

Product number: 770131

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data transmission

Lithium Ion 2100 mAh
58 dB(A)
9 Kg

Buy now the Husqvarna Automower 310 robotic lawnmower (model 2021) for the lowest price - in our Roboexpert Online Shop.

Get your automatic lawnmower now at a low price! The Husqvarna Automower 310 is particularly suitable for demanding lawns up to 1,000 m². Thanks to its chunky wheels, the robotic lawnmower can cope with slopes of up to 40%. In addition, optimum traction is possible even on slippery ground.

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Buy now the Automower 310

Husqvarna robotic mower 310 - intelligent garden helper for demanding lawns

If you have a large and demanding lawn to mow, the Husqvarna 310 robotic lawnmower is the right model for you. The powerful robotic lawnmower is particularly suitable for complex lawns with slopes and narrow passages. Thanks to its intelligent functions, the Husqvarna Automower 310 automatically detects narrow passages and finds its way through the narrowest alleys. To avoid unwanted tracks in the lawn, the 310 varies its track and impresses with a clean cut. The robotic lawnmower has a powerful battery and can also manage larger slopes of up to 40%.

Particularly quiet and environmentally friendly thanks to electric drive

Unlike a conventional lawn mower, the Automower 310 emits no harmful emissions. This makes it an environmentally friendly alternative. In addition, the robot-controlled garden helper has a robust housing and can be used in any weather.

Buy from the market leader!

The Swedish power tool manufacturer Husqvarna is the global market leader in the robotic lawnmower sector. Since 1995, it has been constantly developing the mowing concept of its Automowers and enabling the automatic lawn robots to offer fascinating features. See for yourself!

The advantages of a Husqvarna Automower in a video

The advantages of the Husqvarna Automower 310 at a glance

Robotic mowers are becoming increasingly popular with garden owners. They save time and effort and give you a good view of your garden at all times. The Husqvarna Automower 310 is one of the most popular models in the Husqvarna Automower series. Experience its advantages!

Husqvarna Automower 310_Gleichmäßiges Mähergebnis

Uniform mowing result

Thanks to the slope compensation technology, the Husqvarna 310 can also achieve an excellent result on slopes. It handles enormous slopes of up to 40% with ease.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Benutzerfreundliches Bedienfeld

User-friendly control panel

Easy operation thanks to clear keyboard and high-resolution display with graphic menu structure and self-explanatory setup.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Wetterfester Mähroboter

Weatherproof robotic lawnmower

The Husqvarna 310 mows even in the rain. You can leave the weatherproof robotic lawnmower outside in any weather because the important components are optimally covered.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Angenehm leise

Pleasantly quiet

With a maximum of 60dB(A), the robotic lawnmower is particularly quiet. You can let it mow at any time of the day, even at the weekend, without disturbing anyone.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Bedienung via Smartphone

Operation via smartphone

Via Bluetooth, you can send start, stop and park commands to your garden robot and adjust settings via smartphone within a range of up to 10m.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Automatisches Aufladen

Automatic charging

When the battery level in the Automower 310 is low, it automatically returns to its charging station and recharges itself. This means it is always ready for use.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Automower Connect

Automower Connect

With the optional smartphone app, you can operate your robotic lawnmower from anywhere, receive alerts and track its location in case of theft.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Diebstahlschutz

Theft protection

Your Husqvarna 310 is safe from robbers. If the mower is picked up, a loud alarm sounds that can only be deactivated with the PIN. Switching on is also only possible with PIN.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Sicherheit


Thanks to its housing, which covers the blade ends well, and sensor technology, the Automower 310 does not pose a danger to children or animals. Nevertheless, caution is advised.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Hebe- und Stoßsensoren

Lift and impact sensors

If the Automower is lifted or tips over, the blades are stopped automatically. If the robotic lawnmower encounters an obstacle, it turns around and continues working in the opposite direction.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Geringer Energieverbrauch

Low energy consumption

During cutting, the Automower 310 consumes only 25W. This is a fraction of the running costs of a conventional mower.

Husqvarna Automower 310_Schnitthöhenverstellung

Cutting height adjustment

The cutting height between 20 and 60mm can be easily changed. To do this, open the flap on the unit and set your desired cutting height with the rotary wheel.

Convinced by the Husqvarna Automower 310?

Then order your new garden helper now and look forward to its services!

Buy now the Automower 310

⏩ What area is the Automower 310 suitable for and what are its special features?

The Husqvarna Automower 310 is suitable for lawns up to 1,000m².

Its special features:

Automatic continuity detection: The Husqvarna Automower 310 automatically detects narrow passages and finds its way through the narrowest alleys.
Suitable for demanding lawns: Chunky wheels provide optimum traction - even on slippery surfaces and gradients of up to 40%.
Automatic charging system: When the battery level is low, the 310 automatically moves to its charging station to recharge. It then continues its work.
Electric drive - environmentally friendly and quiet: The Husqvarna 310 consumes only a fraction of a conventional lawnmower, emits no harmful emissions and is particularly quiet at only 60 dB.
Weatherproof: Rain does not stop the Automower 310 from doing its job. The electric lawnmower can withstand any weather. However, to protect it from the elements, it is recommended to park it in its Automower Garage when not in use and in winter.

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⏩ How much does the Automower 310 cost and where can I buy it at a good price?

ᐅ The price of the current Husqvarna Automower 310 model 2021 varies depending on the season and market situation. It ranges in price from £1,192 to £1,549.

You can buy the Automower 310 in many DIY stores or at stationary specialist dealers. However, it is cheaper online!

✦ In the Roboexpert online shop you can get the Automower 310 at an absolutely low price ✦ and benefit from many great advantages!

✅ 100% Lowest price
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✅ 5 years warranty
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⏩ What are the technical details of the Husqvarna Automower 310?

Technical details at a glance:

Manufacturer: Husqvarna
Maximum slope: Up to 40%
Lawn area: Up to 1,000m²
Function: Fully automatic
Operating time: 70 Minuten
Lautstärke: 60 dB

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⏩ Where can I find the right spare parts for the Automower 310?

From replacement blades, to the Automower Garage, to replacement covers for a customised robotic lawnmower, Husqvarna offers various accessories for its Automowers. Thanks to standardised sizes, the spare parts fit several Automower models at once. Take a look at our online shop. There you will find appropriate spare parts for your Husqvarna Automower 310.

» Buy Husqvarna Accessories

⏩ What are the differences between the Automower 310, the Automower 315 and the Automower 315X?

The Husqvarna 310 differs mainly in mowing capacity from the 315 and 315X models. While the 310 is suitable for garden areas up to 1,000 m² in size, the Husqvarna Automower 315 manages up to 1,500 m² in area and the Husqvarna Automower 315X up to 1,600 m². The operating time and maximum slope are the same for all three models: 70 minutes of operating time and up to 40% slope. Would you like to compare the three robotic mowers yourself to decide which one is right for you?

ᐅ Take a look at our robotic mower online shop with integrated guide and find the right robotic lawnmower for your garden!

⏩ How do I know which Automower is suitable for my garden?

To find the right Husqvarna Automower for your garden, you should first make sure that the robotic lawnmower is designed for the size and condition of your lawn to be mowed. Robotic mowers vary in both size and features. Robotic lawnmowers such as the Husqvarna 310 are particularly suitable for large and complex gardens with challenging angles and slopes. If you have a smaller garden, a smaller model such as the Automower 305 is more suitable for you.

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  • Alarm control yes Area up to 1000 m²
  • Battery Lithium Ion 2100 mAh Battery charge automatic
  • Bluetooth receiver yes Charging time 1 hour
  • Collision sensor Yes Colour grey
  • Display LCD Display Lift- and tilt sensor Yes
  • MPN 967 67 29-12 Manufacturer Husqvarna
  • Number of knives 3 Operating time 70 min
  • PIN-Code Yes Rain sensor No
  • Time and weekly programming yes Tracer cable 1
  • Weight 9 Kg _Warranty ja
  • ext. control App control Connect@Home max. slope up to 40%

Cutting system

  • Cutting height 20-60 mm Cutting system chaotic
  • Cutting width 22cm Type of knife 1 mowing unit with 3 blades

Dimensions & sound level

  • Dimensions (LxDxH) 63x51x25 Volume 58 dB(A)

Scope of delivery

  • Scope of delivery
    • 9 Replacement blades
    • Charging station
    • Husqvarna Automower 310
    • Low-voltage power cable
    • Manual
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