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Husqvarna Automower 420 (Model 2021)


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Husqvarna Automower 420 (Model 2021)

Product number: 770133

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Lithium Ion 3200 mAh
57 dB(A)
11,5 Kg

Buy Husqvarna Automower 420 - A powerful mowing robot for larger areas

Buy Husqvarna Automower 420 - for large and complex gardens this lawnmower robot may be just the right choice. The Automower mows demanding lawns reliably and delivers excellent mowing results. Areas up to 2,200m² are no problem for the powerful lawn robot. It can also cope with unevenness and steep inclines of up to 45%. Robotic mowers are becoming increasingly popular because they can save the landowner a lot of time and effort, especially on large lawns.

The Husqvarna Automower 420 has a number of intelligent functions and its high performance produces an excellent cutting pattern. It's not without reason that the Husqvarna Automower are the leading lawn robots on the market. The Automower is very reliable, efficient and very quiet. They mow randomly and the free movement pattern means there are no tracks or tracks. Thanks to a Connect@Home app, the robotic lawn mower can be easily controlled via smartphone. The Husqvarna Automower 420 is particularly suitable for large and complex gardens. It does its job in all weathers and delivers an optimal cutting pattern. The Automower has a robust housing and is well protected against rain, so rainy weather is no problem for the lawn robot. The Automower has a very quiet gearbox, so it can also work at night without disturbing the night's rest. This makes it quite clear: Buying a Husqvarna Automower 420 has a lot of advantages.

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Buy Husqvarna Automower 420 - For large gardens

Many people are professionally or privately very busy. Not always there is enough time for gardening after a busy day. More and more garden owners therefore want to buy a Husqvarna Automower. Because the mowing robot takes a large part of the time-consuming garden maintenance off your hands. Even if you are short of time, you no longer have to do without a well-tended lawn. Because while the mowing robot does its job reliably, you can devote yourself to other important activities. You can also set individual mowing times on the Husqvarna Automower. The mowing robot can also carry out its work while you are away.

The Husqvarna Automower 420 can mow lawns up to 2200m², even winding and complex gardens are no problem. It automatically detects narrow passages and drives through them without leaving unsightly lines. If the battery of the Automower is running low, the robotic lawn mower finds its way to the charging station and charges itself automatically. A charging process takes about 60 minutes, after which the mowing robot can mow again for a long 75 minutes. Depending on the size of the garden, the mowing robot needs about half an hour for one mowing operation. The Automower is electrically powered and therefore produces no emissions. It is therefore also more environmentally friendly than petrol-powered lawnmowers.

Special advantages of the Husqvarna Automower 420

husqvarna Schnittbild Icon

Even cutting results

Thanks to the tilt compensation technology, the mowing robot can also achieve excellent results on slopes. Slopes of up to 45% are no problem for this model.

husqvarna Spurrillen Icon

No trace formation

As the Automower 420 from Husqvarna moves freely on the mowing surface, it does not leave any marks but produces a nice, even cut.

husqvarna Lautstärke Icon

Extra quiet

At only 58dB, the Husqvarna Automower 420 is surprisingly quiet thanks to its innovative mowing system and can work for you at night without disturbing you or your neighbours. Let your mowing robot work for you while you sleep and enjoy your beautiful garden during the day.

husqvarna Ladestation

Automatic charging

As soon as the battery level of the mowing robot is too low, it automatically returns to its charging station and recharges itself. This guarantees that the mowing robot can always be activated at the set times.

husqvarna App

Easy navigation via App

You can easily control and program your Husqvarna Automower 420 via app

husqvarna Sicherheits Icon

PIN-Code lock

The PIN code lock allows you to ensure that no third party can use your robot. Only with this robot can the device be put into operation. If your mowing robot is stolen, a loud alarm will sound. This can only be switched off again using the PIN you have set.

husqvarna automower420 im Garten

Navigation of the Husqvarna Automower 420

The navigation of the Automower 420 is weather-based navigation based on random principle. The mowing robot uses a weather timer to adjust its mowing times according to the growth rate of the lawn, thus providing a consistently impressive, beautiful cut. The mowing path is chosen randomly. In doing so, the lawn mowing robot of Husqvarna orients itself on the perimeter wire you have laid. As soon as it reaches it, it turns around and continues in a different direction. The Husqvarna Automower 420 also detects tighter passages with the help of a built-in sensor and can navigate cleverly through them.

More special features

husqvarna Messer

Powerful blades

The Husqvarna Automower 420 is equipped with extra sharp carbon steel blades mounted on an extremely robust cutting disc. This ensures an excellent result with extremely low energy consumption.

Buy Husqvarna Automower 420 and gain more leisure time

Larger lawns invite you to relax and enjoy a nice stay outside. It is something very special to lie in the garden, enjoy the nature and the soft lawn and organize picnics or a barbecue on the property. For this, however, the lawn should also be well-tended and not too long or grown wild - and of course, time must be invested first. This is exactly where one of the powerful mowing robots comes into play, as they can take over the mowing work all by themselves, giving you more free time. After all, mowing the lawn takes its time and does not rob garden owners of much leisure time - this is especially true when it comes to a large plot of land that cannot be mowed within ten minutes.

If you buy a Husqvarna Automower 420, you can program it to work at the time you want it to work. The robotic lawn mower works efficiently, very quietly, thoroughly and also maintains the lawn better than you could with a classic lawnmower. You will need a little more time to install and lay the boundary wire, but then the robot really works by itself and hardly needs any attention. The only thing that is important is that you replace the blades of the mowing robot from time to time - blunt blades do not cut the lawn as well as they should and the grass is not maintained as well as desired.

Additional advantages of the powerful mowing robot

The Husqvarna Automower 420 has high-quality sensors and numerous technical functions. The integrated weather timer uses sensors to measure the grass resistance and adjusts the mowing time to suit the weather. The mowing robot mows even when it rains, and with its robust housing it is not bothered by the wet. In addition, the Automover is equipped with various safety functions, obstacle sensors allow it to recognise and avoid barriers in good time. It is also protected against theft by lift and tilt sensors. An alarm signal sounds as soon as the robot is lifted or tilted. At the same time, the rotating blades stop, thus preventing injuries. In addition, the robot also has a PIN code and is thus additionally protected against unauthorized access. With the new app, the Automower can also be controlled via smartphone from anywhere at any time. The Connect module also makes it possible to give parking, start and stop commands to the Husqvarna Automower.

The Automower is particularly suitable for large and complex gardens. It can even cope with inclines of up to 45 degrees. The mowing robot has three swinging knife blades and has a working width of 24 cm. The cutting height can be individually adjusted between 20 and 60 mm. With its powerful lithium battery, the Automower can even cope with steeper slopes and complex gardens. The Automower's 2-speed gearbox is particularly quiet at 58 dB, so working at night is also possible. The Automower has a large LCD display, which makes it very easy for the user to operate. Compared to a conventional lawnmower, the robotic lawn mower does not have to be cleaned after every mowing operation. It is sufficient to clean it from dirt and grass residues from time to time.

Buy Husqvarna Automower 420 - The intelligent robot mower

Today's robotic lawn mowers are anything but semi-finished machines that perform their work bluntly and in lanes. In fact, the models from Husqvarna are intelligent mowing robots that function fully automatically and are built in such a way that particularly good results can be expected. Among other things, the Automower does not mow in strict paths, which then appear on the lawn like a classic lawn mower.

Thanks to the random principle, the robot mows in a different way and thus makes the entire lawn look fuller and better maintained. This technology is made possible by the built-in GPS sensor. Through this your mowing robot knows exactly where it has already been and where it still has to mow. In addition, the mowing robot offers a strong performance and can still work in hilly gardens with corresponding gradients without falling over directly. Gradients of up to 45 percent are possible and easy to handle - at the same time, the Automower 420 can manage up to 2,200 square metres of lawn.

Buy a Husqvarna Automower and get a well-kept lawn

It is often assumed that a lawn is the simplest option in a garden - at least in terms of maintenance. However, this is only true to a limited extent, as such a lawn can also cause a lot of work, depending on its size. Regular and even mowing is just as important as removing weeds, and fertilizing should not be forgotten either. However, all this is also easier to implement than paying closer attention to the individual tasks and taking a lot of time for them.

When you buy a Husqvarna Automower 420, you can concentrate on other tasks and beautiful things in life. The lawn is still well maintained thanks to the special way the robot works. The robot mows automatically without your help and without your supervision. Regular mowing and the mulching technique, which leaves the fine cut grass on the lawn, creates an evenly beautiful and healthy lawn. Weeds, moss and dried out soil no longer have a chance. In addition, the finely cut grass that remains on the lawn acts as a natural fertiliser and also provides protection from the sun. You therefore not only save yourself many steps of lawn care, but also get a much more attractive and beautiful lawn when you buy a Husqvarna Automower 420.

Extra-quiet mowing robot with long battery life

The Automower does its job reliably and completely automatically. With a maximum volume of 58 dB, it works particularly quietly and can therefore also be used at night and on weekends. The lawn robot mows with three rotating blades, cutting the grass from all directions. The grass cuttings are deposited on the lawn, which serves as natural fertiliser and provides the lawn with intensive moisture. This means a further time saving for the garden owner, because the grass cuttings do not have to be collected and disposed of. The Automower can mow for approximately 105 minutes on full battery power. When the battery charge is nearing its end, the robotic lawn mower automatically drives to the charging station and charges itself. It takes about 60 minutes to recharge. The mowing robot system is installed before the lawn robot is put into operation. The supplied boundary wires define the area to be mowed. You are welcome to ask a sales partner to assist you with the installation of the wires.

Purchase Husqvarna Automower 420 - Safety with convenient control

A special feature of the current models of Husqvarna is the very convenient and above all simple way of control. Although you can also set and operate the mowing robot via the large display, it is easier to control it via the app. With the app you can control and program your new mowing robot easily. In addition to control with the app, you can also operate the robot intuitively and effortlessly via the display. Beginners therefore have the possibility to use the mowing robot immediately and do not have to learn how to use and program it until everything works. This is an advantage in any case and also takes away the uncertainty that is often present when using such devices. In addition, the robot mower quickly recognizes for itself when and how to mow. Finally, the fully automatic robot should also ensure an even cutting pattern and an overall attractive appearance. This works best when the Automower is set up by Husqvarna and can then start working immediately.

But it is not only in terms of easy control and navigation that the model stands out. When you buy a Husqvarna Automower 420, you pay a higher purchase price and certainly want to have some protection for the model. The expensive mowing robot should therefore not be carried away and used for its own purposes. For this reason, Husqvarna's mowing robots offer protection against theft in the form of an alarm sound that is actually very loud and should not be underestimated. In addition, the mowing robot blocks when it is lifted and when the alarm sounds. The alarm sound only stops when you unlock the robot by means of the PIN code that you initially set. By the way, the same applies if the robot falls over. By blocking the robot, you also protect yourself from the blades hurting someone - because the blades will stop working immediately. After all, with a mowing robot it is not only the safety of the robot itself that is important - but also the safety of the people and perhaps animals in the vicinity. Blades such as those of a mowing robot would otherwise be capable of causing injuries, and that is precisely what must be prevented.

Buy Husqvarna Automower 420 - What you should consider when buying

You want to buy a Husqvarna Automower 420? For this you should pay attention to a few details. The most important thing is whether the model you want is suitable for your lawn. If you own a large and complex garden, this model may be just right for you. If you have already decided to buy this model or another Husqvarna model, you can also take advantage of various service packages. Husqvarna will be happy to clean, store and service your car mower for you. Regular maintenance of the lawn robot is advantageous to guarantee the longevity of the product. In addition, the blades of the lawn robot should be replaced regularly, so that you get the best results in the long term.

FAQ: Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Husqvarna Automower 420:

What area is the Automower 420 suitable for??

The Husqvarna Automower 420 is suitable for a lawn area up to 2.200m²..

What technical details does the Husqvarna Automower 420 have?

✦Producer: Husqvarna 
✦Maximum incline: up to 45% 
✦Size of lawn: up to 2.200m² 
✦Function: fully automatic 
✦Duration: 100 Minutes 
✦Sound level: 57 dB

More information »

Where can I buy the Husqvarna Automower 420?

Many DIY stores or stationary specialist dealers offer the Husqvarna Automower 420. Due to the price structure and higher delivery costs, it is much more expensive there compared to online dealers, which is why most people order the robot online.

✦ In the Roboexpert Online-Shop you can find Husqvarna Automower 420 for lowest price! ✦

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How do I install Husqvarna Automower 420?

Before you can let the Automower 420 get to work, you need to first install boundary wire. So the robot knows exactly which area to mow and protects your beds at the same time.

The laying of the boundary wire and installation of the robot is very complex and requires technical knowledge. Therefore, most people book a professional installation service with a qualified technical staff.

✦ Discover now Husqvarna Automower 420 and "robotic lawn mower installation service" at Roboexpert Online-Shop! ✦

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Technical details: Husqvarna Automower 420

Producer: Husqvarna
max. incline: bis zu 45%
Lawn size: 2.200m²
Function: vollautomatisch
Duration: 100 min
Sound level: 57 dB


  • Alarm control yes Area up to 2200 m²
  • Battery Lithium Ion 3200 mAh Battery charge automatic
  • Bluetooth receiver yes Charging time 55 min
  • Collision sensor Yes Colour grey
  • Display LCD Display Lift- and tilt sensor Yes
  • MPN 967 67 31-12 Manufacturer Husqvarna
  • Number of knives 3 Operating time 100 min
  • PIN-Code Yes Rain sensor No
  • Time and weekly programming yes Tracer cable 2
  • Weight 11,5 Kg _Warranty ja
  • ext. control App control Automower Connect@Home max. slope up to 45%

Cutting system

  • Cutting height 20-60 mm Cutting system chaotic
  • Cutting width 24cm Type of knife 1 mowing unit with 3 blades

Dimensions & sound level

  • Dimensions (LxDxH) 72x56x31 Volume 57 dB(A)

Scope of delivery

  • Scope of delivery
    • 9 Replacement blades
    • Charging station
    • Husqvarna Automower 420
    • Low-voltage power cable
    • Manual
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