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Dolphin E20 Robotic Pool Cleaner model 2021

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The most important

The Dolphin E20 is a fully automatic pool robot for the effective cleaning of smaller pools up to 50 sqm. With this model, the manufacturer Maytronics has designed a pool robot that is suitable not only for permanently installed pools but also for cleaning aboveground pools.

Scope of delivery

  • 15m Cable
  • Control box
  • Dolphin E20
  • Filter basket

Buy the Dolphin E20 - Pool robot for a low price in our Roboexpert Online Shop

The Dolphin E20 is a fully automatic pool robot for the effective cleaning of smaller pools up to 50 sqm. With this model, the manufacturer Maytronics has designed a pool robot that is suitable for cleaning set-up pools as well as permanently installed pools. So if you have bought a swimming pool for installation during the hot summer days, you will find a suitable pool robot in the Dolphin E20. Thanks to the active brush and filter system, bacteria, fungi and mud deposits are reliably removed. With the help of the intelligent CleverClean technology, the Dolphin E20 systematically cleans the pool floor and the pool walls without leaving out individual areas. A cleaning cycle is 2 hours.

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Buy now the Dolphin E20 All Dolphin Models
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Uncomplicated use

The Dolphin E20 convinces with its easy handling. The 6.5 kg light pool robot enables you to insert it effortlessly or remove it from the water without damaging the pool. The E20 is switched on and off by means of the LED display on the power supply unit, which allows you to check the activity of your Dolphin at any time.

ⓘ Safety advice

Until the cleaning process of the Dolphin E20 is complete, you should not get into the pool. In addition, the power supply unit should not be placed in direct contact with standing water. For more information about your safety and the use of the E20, please refer to the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer, Maytronics.

This how a Dolphin E20 works

The advantages of the Dolphin E20 pool robot at a glance

Einsetzen des Dolphin

Smart CleverClean Technologie

Leading robotic pool cleaning company Maytronics has built an intelligent cleaning system into all Dolphin models. CleverClean technology involves scanning your pool with a systematic cleaning process. The stored information guarantees continuous optimisation. In this way, no area of your pool is left out and you get an optimal result. The suction power of the E20 is 15 m³ per hour.

Effective filtration

The removable filter system ensures a clean pool. The 100 micro filter increases the water quality as dirt particles are filtered out and collected in the filter basket. A positive side effect: the filter system of the Dolphin E20 has an effect on the longevity of your pool filter pump and helps to reduce the load. After cleaning, the net basket of the dirt filter can be emptied without any problems.

Aktives Bürstensystem

The powerful brushes of the Dolphin E20 remove stubborn dirt from your pool. The brush and active scrubber of the E20 remove bacteria and algae from the pool bottom and walls. The combination brush with bead belts is suitable for various surfaces and reliably cleans foils, tiles, concrete, PVC and tiles.

Dirt-free water return flow

When you lift the Dolphin E20 out of the pool after the cleaning cycle, the water drains away extremely quickly. Thanks to the generous water release, the pool robot regains its initial weight in no time at all - without releasing sucked-in dirt into the water. Removal from the pool is therefore no effort on your part.

Convinced by the Dolphin E20?

Order your new pool robot now and look forward to its services!

Buy now the Dolphin E20

Necessary water conditions

In addition to the general safety information from the manufacturer's Maytronics instructions for use, you should observe additional hints.
The following points will help to achieve an optimal cleaning result:

  • If you have a saltwater pool, the salinity (NaCI)may contain a maximum of 5,000 ppm during use.

  • With conventional water care using chlorine, the concentration should be a maximum of 4 ppm.
  • The water temperature can vary between 6 and 35 degrees.


Dolphin E20 from Maytronics - your automatic pool robot with quality

Maytronics is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the field of technological pool cleaning. With the Dolphin pool robot series, the company convinces with its intelligent cleaning solution for different pool types. The combination of simple operation, fully automatic filter system, modern scanning system and high-quality miracle brush ensures thorough cleaning. With the Dolphin E20 you are choosing a top-of-the-range automatic pool vacuum. The top price-performance ratio and the technical details make the Maytronics Dolphin E20 a high-quality pool cleaner robot.


You have a larger pool?

Then you should buy a larger model from the Dolphin E series. The Dolphin pool robots E30 and E35 are suitable for medium-sized pools up to 12 metres and a depth of up to 4 and 5 metres respectively. Find out more in the respective product descriptions!

Buy now the Dolphin E30 Buy now the Dolphin E35

⏩ Where can I buy the Dolphin E20 at a reasonable price?

The price of the current Dolphin E20 varies according to season and market situation. You can see the current lowest price by clicking on the offer in our shop.

ᐅ In the Roboexpert Online Shop you can get the Dolphin E20 at an ✦ absolute low price ✦ and benefit from many great advantages!

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More Information »

⏩ How does the Dolphin E20 work and what are its special features?

The fully automatic Dolphin E20 pool robot cleans your pool using intelligent CleverClean technology. The E20 scans the entire pool surface and determines the area to be cleaned. The collected data helps to continuously optimise the cleaning process. The Dolphin E20 cleans the pool bottom and the walls. At the same time, the water quality is increased by the integrated filter system. Thanks to the high-quality combination brush with caterpillar belts, different surfaces can be freed from dirt.

More Information »

⏩ For which pools is the Dolphin E20 suitable?

The Dolphin E20 is suitable for small pools with a surface area of up to 50 sqm. The E20 pool robot can be used for cleaning fixed pools as well as above-ground above-ground pools. In addition, the E20 handles different surfaces without any difference in results. Foil, tiles, concrete, PVC and tiles are vacuumed effortlessly.

More Information »

⏩ What is the difference between the Dolphin E20 and E25?

The Dolphin E20 and the Dolphin E25 are the E-models of the pool robot manufacturer Maytronics. Both are suitable for smaller pools up to 50 sqm.

The Dolphin E20 can be used for cleaning set-up pools as well as fixed pools.

In contrast, the Dolphin E25 has an additional filter cartridge and cleans your pool through a two-stage filter system. The E25 is also switched off with a Weekly Timer, which allows you to programme an automatic cleaning schedule. Both pool robots as well as larger models of the Dolphin E series can be bought at a low price in the Roboexpert online shop.

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Would you like to compare other Dolphin models?

We will be happy to introduce you to other Dolphin variants. Browse our Dolphin pool robot category now and benefit from the advantages in our online shop!

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Features / Performance

  • Weight12,00 kg
  • ColourBlack
  • ManufacturerDolphin
  • ext. controlno
  • Weight6,5 Kg
  • Brushesyes
  • max. pool size10×5 m
  • SurfacesTiles, liner / foil, polyester, reinforced PVS, painted concrete
  • Cleaning areasfloor, walls
  • Number of cleaning cycles1 cycle
  • Duration of cleaning cycl120 min
  • Drive systemTreadmills
  • Number of motors1
  • Supply voltage for robot24 V
  • Cable length15 m
  • Filtering100 µ
  • BrandDolphin

Pool information

  • Pool typePrivate swimming pool with straight walls
  • Pool shapeRectangular, free shape
  • Pool bottomEven, slightly sloping, different inclinations

Scope of delivery

  • 15m Cable
  • Control box
  • Dolphin E20
  • Filter basket

Dolphin E20 Robotic Pool Cleaner model 2021

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