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Dolphin E30 Robotic Pool Cleaner model 2021

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Sold out

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The most important

Enjoy automatic cleaning of your medium-sized pool or swimming pool up to 12 metres with the Dolphin E30 robotic pool cleaner! The 7.5 kg Dolphin robot pool cleaner E30 is the new generation of the E20. You can buy both models at good conditions and a lucrative price in the Roboexpert online shop. Get your smart pool robot now!

Scope of delivery

  • 18m Cable
  • Control box
  • Dolphin E30
  • Filter basket + cartridge filter
  • Manual

Buy the Dolphin E30 - Pool robot for a low price in our Roboexpert Online Shop

With the Pool robot Dolphin E30, cleaning medium-sized pools and swimming pools up to 12 m is done in no time. Reliable cleaning is important because it prevents fungi, bacteria and algae that quickly settle on the pool floor and walls. The 7.5 kg Dolphin E30 belongs to the advanced pool robot class of the manufacturer Maytronics and guarantees optimal cleaning within two hours.

Buy your Dolphin E30 now in our online shop and benefit from the advantages we offer!

Your advantages with Roboexpert

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  • Free delivery
  • Latest product
Buy now the Dolphin E30
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The optimal cleaning result

To fully exploit the performance potential of the Dophin pool robot E30, you should consider a few points. The Dolphin E30 can be used at a water temperature between 6 and 35 degrees without any problems. The chlorine content of maximum 4 ppm and a pH value of 7.0-7.8 should be ensured before each cleaning.

ⓘ Safety notice

While the Dolphin Pool Robot E30 is in cleaning, you should not go into the pool. Also, the power supply should be at least 3.5 m away from the pool edge to avoid contact with standing water. For further safety information, see the enclosed instructions.

This is how the Dolphin E-Series work

The advantages of the Dolphin E30 pool robot at a glance

Einsetzen des Dolphin

Effective pool cleaning up to 4 m depth

To start cleaning your pool, place the Dolphin robotic pool cleaner E30 in the water at the edge of the pool. As soon as you release it, the Dolphin sinks to the bottom of the pool.

This is how you turn on the Dolphin E30

When the Dolphin E30 is in the water, you can switch on the power supply. You can check the activity with the pool robot's LED indicator, which lights up blue during normal operation.

Efficient dirt filtration

The Dolphin E30 pool robot filters larger dirt particles floating around, such as leaves, out of the water. The active cleaning brushes remove algae and bacteria from the bottom and walls.

Cleaning the net basket

After cleaning, you can empty the net basket of the Dolphin E30 in a few easy steps. All you have to do is open the flap on the top of the robot and remove the basket.

Convinced by the Dolphin E30?

Then order your new pool robot now and look forward to its services! You can find more Poolroboter to compare in our online shop.

Buy now the Dolphin E30

⏩ How much does the Dolphin pool robot E30 cost?

With an initial cost of just over 1,000 GBP, the pool robot is definitely an investment for the next decade and more. However, compared to other pool cleaning robots, the Dolphin E30 stands out with a very good price-performance ratio, as you will see for yourself. In addition, the device can save electricity costs due to its efficient operation and is always available at the lowest price in our Roboexpert online shop.

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⏩ Can the power cable of the Dolphin pool robot E30 get tangled?

The mains cable of the Dolphin E30 floats relatively stiffly on the water surface and offers the pool robot just enough flexibility to move freely and dive without problems. The fairly firm power cable means that the pool robot cannot get tangled, even during more complicated operations. You do not have to fear knots in the cable at all.

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⏩ Is a timer necessary on the Dolphin E30?

The Dolphin E30 pool robot has no timer, as this is not necessary. The device starts immediately after being switched on and ends its work automatically after two hours. So you don't have to make any complicated settings and save yourself time-consuming manual operations.

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⏩ Is a caddy needed to transport the Dolphin E30?

With its 7.5 kg, the Dolphin E30 is one of the light pool robots, which means that a caddy is not necessarily required. However, if you find that you would rather have this feature, we recommend the Dolphin E35 Pool robot, as it has a practical transport trolley. In terms of functions and suitable pool sizes, the two models do not differ.

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All Dolphin products at a glance

Learn more about the Dolphin brand now and find the right pool robot for you!

More Dolphin Pool robots

Features / Performance

  • Weight13,50 kg
  • ColourBlack
  • ManufacturerDolphin
  • ext. controlno
  • Weight7,5 Kg
  • BrushesActive Brush System
  • max. pool size12×5 m
  • SurfacesTiles, liner / foil, polyester, reinforced PVS, painted concrete
  • Cleaning areasfloor, walls, waterline
  • Number of cleaning cycles1 cycle
  • Duration of cleaning cycl120 min
  • Drive systemTreadmills
  • Number of motors1
  • Supply voltage for robot24 V
  • Cable length18 m
  • BrandDolphin

Pool information

  • Pool typePrivate swimming pool with straight walls
  • Pool shapeRectangular, free shape
  • Pool bottomEven, slightly sloping, different inclinations

Scope of delivery

  • 18m Cable
  • Control box
  • Dolphin E30
  • Filter basket + cartridge filter
  • Manual

Dolphin E30 Robotic Pool Cleaner model 2021

£1,142.90£1,039.00VAT included.
Sold out