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Roborock S6 Pure vacuum robot white/black

from £338.52

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Roborock S6 Pure vacuum robot white/black

Product number: 770829

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from £338.52
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14,4 V/5200 mAh Lithium Battery
60 dB(A)
3,2 Kg

Buy now the Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum Cleaner with mopping function for the lowest price - in our Roboexpert Online Shop

With the Roborock S6 Pure vacuum robot with wiping function you can sit back and relax. The intelligent household robot ensures perfect floor cleaning. To do this, the Roborock S6 Pure creates a virtual map of the living space, which it cleans freely according to your wishes. You set cleaning routes and routines and let your robot vacuum do the housework at defined times on defined days of the week. The Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum Cleaner with wiping function is equipped with a powerful battery that enables an operating time of up to 2.5 hours. The small vacuum robot not only manages on smooth floors, but also independently cleans thicker carpets. Get your automatic hoover now in the desired colour white or black! You will be thrilled!

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Buy now the Roborock S6 Pure

LiDAR technology

Your Roborock S6 Pure always knows which room to clean and when. Precise LiDAR technology allows the room to be scanned and mapped. The information is stored so that your Roborock S6 Pure automatically recognises the room and the maps. The different floors of your living space are thereby separately stored. Each floor gets its own map.

Safe cleaning

In addition to scanning sensors, your Roborock S6 Pure has accelerometers, an odometer, an infrared fall sensor, a compass and more. Your home has never been cleaned so safely.

Individual exclusion zones

If you want to exclude certain areas when cleaning the Roborock S6 Pure, you can set a blocking zone or a virtual wall using the app controls. This exclusion zone is recognised by the Robot Vacuum Cleaner and omitted from future cleaning processes.

This is how a Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner works

Impressive suction power

The S6 Pure vacuuming and mopping robot from the Roborock brand is equipped with powerful HyperForce suction power that gets pet hair out of the carpet as well as dirt. The built-in fan rotates at 15,000 revolutions per minute and guarantees an optimal cleaning result.

What is the difference between the Roborock S6 Pure and the Xiaomi Mi Roborock S6?

The Roborock S6 Pure features a new cleaning brush with a 250 percent increase in bristle density. The bristles are also designed to be softer and gentle on floors. There has also been a change in volume: the S6 robots are 50 percent quieter than the models in the S5 series.
Compared to the Xiamoi Mi Roborock S6, the Roborock S6 Pure has a larger water tank. In contrast, additional fall sensors are integrated on the rear side of the Xiaomi Mi Roborock S6, while the S6 Pure has them only on the front.

Convinced by the Roborock S6 Pure?

Then order your new vacuuming and mopping robot now and look forward to its services! You can find more suction and mopping robots to compare here.

Buy now the Roborock S6 Pure


  • Area up to 200 m² Battery 14,4 V/5200 mAh Lithium Battery
  • Battery charge automatic Charging time < 6 Hours
  • Dimensions (LxDxH) 350 x 350 x 96,5 mm Dust collector size 0,46 l
  • Features Laser room mapping, room division (single and multi-room cleaning), mapping with card storage, carpet detection (increases suction power) Function Dry and wet cleaning
  • Manufacturer Roborock Nominal power 58 W
  • Operating time 150 min Pet friendly Yes
  • Rated voltage 14,4 V DC Time and weekly programming yes
  • Volume 60 dB(A) Water capacity 0,18 l
  • Weight 3,2 Kg ext. control App control

Scope of delivery

  • Scope of delivery
    • Adjustable water tank
    • Cable
    • Charging Station
    • Moisture resistant mat
    • Roborock S6 Pure
    • Wipe
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