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Robotic Lawn MowerGARDENA Robotic Lawn Mower

GARDENA Robotic Lawn Mower

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Gardena robtic lawn mower buy from the Roboexpert online shop - The powerful lawn mowing robots from Gardena

Buy a Gardena mowing robot : Gain more time and get a beautiful, visually appealing lawn. This is exactly what the automatic mowing robots can do, as they can mow the lawn completely without any help from others and ensure a good looking lawn. You can program your mowing robot for the desired working time, control it via app and find different options for every lawn from the manufacturer.

On the Roboexpert website, you can buy various Gardena mowing robots and also have the opportunity to find a solution to suit your budget. All modern robots of the current generation can be controlled not only via the display, but also via the manufacturer's app, which is an advantage in every case. The most important thing is that you choose a model that suits your lawn and which meets your expectations in terms of the functions offered.


Buy Gardena robotic lawn mower - Gain more time and a beautiful lawn

With time it is always a little bit difficult in everyday life and especially certain activities in the house and garden perhaps take up even more time and are perceived as disturbing. Mowing the lawn is certainly a classic example of this and is often handed over to other hands or only suitable equipment would be necessary so that this work no longer needs to be done.

If you buy a household robot, you can leave certain tasks to the robot and in the future you won't have to take care of them yourself, which can certainly be considered practical. To buying Gardena mowing robot is therefore to be said that with this step you can leave the work of mowing the lawn completely to the robot and thus save a lot of time. The important thing is that you set up the robot correctly and not just sit on your lawn and switch it on. However, this setup is not that complicated to implement, so very soon you will be able to do other things than mowing your lawn in your spare time. That's why household robots are a good option for many home and garden owners and help to maintain the home and garden without taking up much of their precious time.

Buy intelligent Gardena robotic lawn mowers - Discover the best option

The manufacturer offers various options for the mowing robots, so the first thing you should do is to buy a suitable Gardena mowing robot that is perfectly adapted to your lawn. Not every lawn can be mowed by every mowing robot and this is where the comparisons start, so that in the end the right option is used and purchased. But who is actually behind the Gardena mowing robots? As a company in itself, Gardena was founded back in 1961 and today it looks back on almost 60 years of history in the field of solutions for a well-tended garden. Clearly, most garden owners will know Gardena as a brand, not least because intelligent sprinkler systems and the garden shears have been bought very often. The German company basically offers long-lasting, innovative products for the garden that are easy to use and, above all, are of convincing quality.

Since 2007, Gardena has been part of the internationally active Husqvarna Group, which has made a name for itself with its intelligent and very powerful mowing robots. Since 2012, high-quality Gardena mowing robots have been available on the market, which are constantly being further developed by the manufacturer. In 2016, control via an app with the Gardena Smart System was added and since then, it has ensured that you can control your Gardena robot mower without any problems using the practical app. Another special feature is the connection to the equally modern sprinkler systems, which can be controlled via the same app. This gives you a modern solution for mowing the lawn as well as for irrigation - this is what makes the Gardena mowing robots stand out from other manufacturers.

Last but not least, environmental protection plays an important role for the company. Raw materials are considered and used as sparingly as possible, waste is avoided as far as possible - and if you buy an intelligent Gardena mowing robot, you will also avoid the harmful emissions that are produced by petrol-powered lawnmowers. It is therefore only a matter of discovering the best option for you and selecting a suitable mowing robot.

Buy mowing robots - For a well-kept, neat garden

For the garden to look attractive and well-kept you need above all a little patience, a good concept with regard to planting and of course suitable gardening equipment. If you buy a Gardena mowing robot, you can look forward to a well-tended lawn in the future and you do not need to do anything yourself. All Gardena mowing robots are designed with functions that allow them to work automatically and without external intervention. This is certainly very interesting if you are looking for an intelligent option for your lawn and want to do as little as possible yourself. After all, there are tasks such as maintaining flower beds or rose bushes that many garden owners even enjoy. However, mowing the lawn is not so much a part of it, so it makes sense to opt for a high-quality solution - and that's exactly what the Gardena mowing robots do.

Buy a Gardena mowing robot - The way mowing robots work

Before you buy a Gardena robotic lawn mower or in general a mowing robot it makes sense to take a closer look at how the devices work. This is especially true because the way a robotic lawn mower works is a little different than what you are probably used to from a lawn mower. Or not so much different as much more complex, so you should also familiarise yourself with the correct set-up and functions. The robot mower moves across the lawn within the area defined by the boundary wire.

The sharp blades cut the grass at the desired, automatically adjustable height and leave these grass clippings on the lawn. Through programming, your mowing robot knows exactly when to start and then drives until everything is mowed or until the battery is empty. When the battery is empty, the robot also drives to the charging station automatically. Another advantage is that the models are weatherproof and a few drops of water will not cause problems. Last but not least, the Gardena robotic lawn mowers use very modern technology thanks to an integrated weather timer to calculate the times when the lawn should be mowed. Before you can send your Gardena mowing robot out to mow the lawn for the first time, you still need the boundary wire and should lay it in your garden. The boundary wires are there to ensure that a mowing robot knows exactly where it should mow. In addition, the intelligent robots are equipped with accurate sensors that can detect and avoid obstacles very well. Nevertheless, it makes sense to mark the areas to be mowed with the boundary cables.

The functions of Gardena robotic lawn mowers

If you buy Gardena robot mower, you can look forward to practical functions and an overall very well thought-out working method. The manufacturer offers models for small, medium and large gardens. All mowing robots are characterised by a robust, durable design and are equipped with sensors that lead to a particularly safe mode of operation. Very practical, for example, is the function of the weather timer, which enables the mowing robot to calculate the mowing times itself. However, this function is not included in all models from the manufacturer, so it is important to take a look at the exact functions depending on the mowing robot. Depending on the weather, the lawn simply grows faster or slower - this is quite normal and in the future you will not have to worry about when to mow your lawn more often and when to mow it less often.

Last but not least, the manufacturer's mowing robots are equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries, which are characterized by long battery life. Depending on the model, the mowing robots can mow for 60 minutes or longer. In addition, the robots do not drive stubborn paths through the lawn, which are then clearly visible afterwards, but cut the lawn very evenly despite the chaotic cutting pattern. There is no need to worry about fixed paths through the lawn - you can also enjoy a well-groomed, even appearance and a dense green lawn. In the summer months, it is ultimately worth a lot if the lawn is cut evenly and invites you to relax.


Gardenarobotic lawn mowers - quiet, efficient and safe

In principle, Gardena products stand for longevity, quality and a certain trust that has been granted to the equipment of the German company for many years. The durability and high quality can also be found in the manufacturer's robot mowers, which also convince with their safe operation and very quiet operation. Many gardening tools work very loudly, so that neighbours often feel disturbed and also for the respective garden owners it is not quite so pleasant when such a background noise is present while working.

In this respect, mowing robots actually offer great advantages, as they work very quietly, much quieter than a normal lawnmower, for example. This is especially true for petrol-powered lawn mowers or for lawn tractors that are normally used on larger lawns. Depending on the model, however, a mowing robot can also manage very large areas - without working louder than at a level of 60 decibels. Often the noise level during mowing is even lower. Furthermore, you don't need to worry about safety when you buy a Gardena mowing robot and use it on your property.

It can happen that a mowing robot tips over if the slope is too steep - but in such a case the blades stop working immediately. The same applies, thanks to the fine sensors, when the mowing robot is in the middle of the mowing work and is then lifted. This can be caused by neighbours, children or unauthorised persons on the property, for example. In such a case, the sharp blades stop immediately and do not continue working - so you do not need to fear injuries to other people, which would otherwise be possible in any case. After the blades have stopped, a PIN code must be entered so that the robot can continue working again - this can also prevent or at least make theft more difficult. This is because a loud alarm signal sounds when the robot is lifted, which is an additional deterrent. All in all, you can therefore sit back and relax, as your new helper in the garden does its work safely, quietly and very efficiently.


Gardena mowing robots - What you should look out for when buying

There are some points you should consider when buying a Gardena mowing robot so that you can make the best choice for you. First and foremost, it is important that you correctly assess your lawn in the garden and know how large the area to be mowed is and how steep the possible slope is. The size of your lawn in square metres will determine which model is ideal for you. The larger the area to be mowed, the more powerful the robot must be in terms of performance and battery life. As a result, the higher the performance and the maximum area to be mowed, the higher the price.

If you have a large garden with a corresponding lawn, you should therefore be prepared for correspondingly higher purchase costs. Not completely unimportant with the Buy Gardena robotic lawn mower is the gradient that may be present in your garden. If this gradient is too steep for the robot, it is possible that the mowing robot will tip over, block the blades and stop working until you put it back up. For this reason, in addition to the area itself, the possible incline is also important. In addition, pay attention to the functions that each robot offers so that you can make the right choice. Also make sure that you regularly replace the robot's blades so that they do not become dull. You will also find suitable blades, boundary cables and hooks for Gardena models in our online shop, so you can complement your mowing robot perfectly.

If the lawn is mowed with blunt blades, torn out grass and an uneven overall appearance are very quickly the result. In addition, you can find other accessories in our online shop - a good example are rechargeable batteries, which should be replaced at some point due to decreasing performance.

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